Adam Lambert wins American Idol 2014 poll over Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson & Kelly Clarkson!


Much has been made of rumours surrounding the next season of American Idol and it seems that a large proportion of viewers are backing Adam Lambert for the brand new panel.

Both Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey confirmed last week that they would not be back for the 2014 run, though it’s not really known if they jumped or were pushed and Randy Jackson already handed in his resignation before the last season even ended.

Keith Urban’s fate has not yet been decided but insiders have claimed that next year bosses are hoping to have a panel made up of former show contestants, who have went on to hit the big time.

It’s been reported that both Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson will be on the show with either Adam Lambert or Clay Aiken.

Yesterday on The Wendy Williams show, the host took a poll asking her viewers which of the stars they’d like to see on the Fox show. She offered her own opinion first saying:


I don’t even know why American Idol are trying to choose between Clay and Adam. Both of them would be fabulous and they’d go back and forth with one another and Kelly would be in the middle and it would be on!

Though Wendy later added:

Personally speaking I think it’s time for American Idol to go away.

adam lambert

At the end of her chat show, Williams revealed that 70% of people who had participated on her poll, voted for Adam to join the panel. Making him the clear fan favourite. More than 62,000 votes were cast, so that’s not a bad showing.

Do you think Adam would make a good judge? Watch the video and leave your comments below….

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7 Responses to “Adam Lambert wins American Idol 2014 poll over Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson & Kelly Clarkson!”

  1. Intenetos says:

    Obviously, she has a talk show……… Who’s she anyways ? Based on what did she get to have a talk show that I’ve never herd about ?

  2. Lock says:

    LMAO! Delusional Claymate!

  3. musicinmyheartisclay says:

    I 3rd it!!! :)

  4. Mini says:

    Real mature there calling me mentally challenged because I pointed out that Lambert is a drunk. It pains me that your desire to make Adam be some kind of Saint prevents you from acknowledging what Adam himself has said about drinking: he has admitted to drinking to the point of being blacked out, has admitted to being drunk while using social media, and has admitted to abusing alcohol and drugs. So, yeah, that makes him a drunk. But keep those blinders on if you want.

  5. Mini says:

    SOME parents can actually find role models who don’t cuss and drink to excess without having to resort to violent video games. There are decent people out there if you look, but I guess you are fine taking the position that “others do it.” Sorry, but parents need to look past their own desires and put their kids first. I like Adam’s voice, I have been to a concert, but I would never hold him up as a role model. Perhaps you should look up what Adam himself has said about this: he does not want to be a babysitter, he does not want to be a role model. He knows he is not acceptable in that regards. He is for adults only.

  6. Shareen Shibli says:

    Claymates are not so much delusional as senile. Not one of them is under the age of 60

  7. Gwen Schultz says:

    I saw the American Idol Tour the year that Adam was runner up, and I also sat on the front row and enjoyed the show. I did not like the fact that Adam did not walk the ropes and talk to his fans and sign autographs. I could understand if Adam had been a star for many years but not just starting out after American Idol.
    I do not have the desire to see Adam in concert because of his actions that were on television dancing with a leach on another male, not for prime time Adam.