American idol 2010: Demi Moore supports petition for Alex Lambert’s return

Hollywood star Demi Moore has backed a petition calling for the return of Alex Lambert to American Idol.

The Ghost actress supported the mulleted singer by retweeting the link to his online petition to her Twitter following of more than 2 million.

Shortly after Thursday night’s resulst show, Moore tweeted:

“So bummed Alex Lambert got voted out he has an amazing voice! Did the judges screw him with their feedback?”. The next morning, Moore joined the campaign to reinstate Alex Lambert with a string of #BRINGALEXBACKs and a plea to her followers to “help me retweet this!”.

Of course this isn’t the first time that Ms Moore has made comment on a reality TV show. Back in April 2009 she was quick to tweet about her love of Scottish singer Susan Boyle. It seems that Mrs Ashton Kutcher always has her finger on the pulse!

Sign the “Bring Alex Lambert Back” petition here

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