American Idol 2010: Is Ellen DeGeneres heading for a mental breakdown?

American Idol sources have suggested that new judge Ellen DeGeneres is struggling to cope with her hectic schedule and may be heading for a mental breakdown.

Along with judging on the singing juggernaut that is Idol, Ellen hosts her own primetime chat show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ Insiders suggest that playing an integral part of two such successful TV shows, is taking it’s toll on the funny woman.

“We fear she’s headed for a total breakdown,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“When she strips away her TV makeup, you can see the stress in her face. She looks gaunt and pale. We’re afraid she has cracked under the pressure.”

Ellen is also said to struggling to cope with the rising tension between her and outgoing judge, Simon Cowell.

“Simon was pretty welcoming when Ellen first signed on, but now she’s become his whipping post for anything that’s not working on the show,” said the pal.

“It’s really eating her up inside.”

“She’s running herself ragged,” the source added. “She tries to eat right, exercise and take vitamins, but we’re worried her health is suffering and the nice life she’s created with Portia is in jeopardy.

“You can see the stress building in her. She’s no always her bouncy, vibrant self. She’s snippy with people, is more easily distracted and needs a few more minutes of makeup to deal with the bags under her eyes.

“She’s spreading herself so thin, it seems like a recipe for disaster.”

Do you like Ellen on American Idol? Have you seen any signs of tension between her and Simon? Leave your comments below.

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