American Idol 2013: Nicki Minaj brands Kez Ban a “crazy psycho” & loves Janelle Arthur’s audition!

by Lisa McGarry

kez ban american idol

The girls certainly brought the crazy in the latest round of American idol auditions, or at least one of them did.

Last week we watched as the boys took another shot at making it through to the live rounds of the hit Fox talent show, presided over by judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. Last night it was ladies night and the females took their turn in front of the panel.

There were some amazing singers and some very entertaining characters but one act stood out more than all the others for Nicki, and she branded branded Kez Ban a “crazy psycho” after her tryout.

The wannabe previously admitted that she’d struggled with some less than ideal health conditions but was determined to make it as a music star. However she managed to annoy most members of the grouo she’d been teamed with as she demanded that she was allowed to sing ‘California Dreaming’ and wouldn’t accept any other tunes from the 20 long song list.

Janelle Arthur kez ban

The quirky hopeful blasted:

“I only want one song on this list and I will fight for the death for it. I want to sing something that means something, everyone else will sing pop songs I want to sing something that means more than ‘I’m in my car and I’ve got money and blah blah blah.”

The ensemble performed for the panel and but vetoed Kez and forced her to sing The Ronettes’ Be My Baby. During rehearsals the situation was tense, as Ban spat in the studio, then disappeared to get food. In the end the others had secret rehearsals without her and Janelle Arthur lamented:

nicki minaj

‘There’s always the fear that just one weak person can bring the whole group down.’

However she needn’t have worried as the judges loved their performance, well most of it.

Minaj named Janelle as her favourite and spoke to the others saying:

“I think you all four are very special, and Kez Ban of course you know you are a crazy psycho.”

Nicki didn’t mean that in a negative way though and she continued:

janelle arthur

“I love that.”

kez may have survived that stage, but she complained that she was finding it hard to carve out a place for herself where she felt comfortable in the competition. She said:

“I don’t fit in anywhere. They have very different musical tastes to me.”

The auditions and sing offs continued and the panel slowly whittled down the females one by one. Tonight they will reveal the final twenty, who will go on to perform in the next stage of the US series.

What did you think of Kez’s performance? Who are you backing for the final 20? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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