American Idol 2013: Nicki Minaj gets ALL her boobs out for ‘Freaks’ (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj is hardly a wall flower and everyone knows she likes to flash a bit of flesh when she’s out and about but the American Idol judge took things to another level in her latest music video.

The music star has been working on a collaboration with French Montana and in the video for their song ‘Freaks’ she decided that the best option for a bra, was to wear none at all.

Nicki got her boobs out and by her boobs we don’t mean a bit of cleavage, we mean her WHOLE boobs. She does try to preserve her modesty a little by taping some gold stars over her nipple but in truth, that is probably more about making sure the video gets aired than any sense of proprietary held by Minaj.

Her boobilicious new style was premiered this week when a behind the scenes video was released. Minaj seems ridiculously casual in the clips, as if she doesn’t have the entirety of her bosoms out for everyone to see. She’s one ballsy chick!

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