American Idol: Adam Lambert reveals moving new song lyrics!


Adam Lambert has been sharing some of his ‘rhymes’ on Twitter and it looks very much like they could be lyrics to one of his new songs.

Fans of the American Idol star have been waiting patiently since his 2012 album ‘Trespassing’ was released for some new material, so the Glambert community are more than eager to hear some new tunes by this point.

Twitter was buzzing then when the flamboyant singer posted looks like song lyrics on the micro blogging website and he captioned a picture of the words saying:

“Some rhymes for ur hearts.”

The words read:

“When they say it’s love we forget eccentricity/When they say it’s love we forgo the royalties/When they say it’s love someone waits beyond the trees.”


“And when they say it’s love it’s time to roll up on your sleeves/For when it’s really love there’s no sense and there’s no plot/When it’s really love you’re prepared to loose all you got (sic).”

It seems the words moved many of his fans and one replied with a personal story saying:

“@realadamlambert this fits me now. I’m about to put my daughter up for adoption when she is born in October because I was in love with someone and I felt this way. Turns out he didn’t and he ran from responsibility. Those lyrics are so true and it’s beautiful! Please make this a song!”

© Miguel Starcevich/Fault magaine

Another posted:

“Absolutely beautiful!!!! Love you Adam!!!”

A third wrote:

“OMG! I legit have chills and tears! This is beautiful! Love it @realadamlambert”

Are you hoping for some more music from Adam? Leave your comments below…

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