American Idol going back to 3 judges for 2014 and Nicki Minaj talks about Idol ‘family’


The next season of American Idol could be more streamlined than the current run it seems, starting with the number of seats at the judges’ table.

The 12th season of the show hasn’t even ended yet but already rumours and gossip are spreading thick and fast. It’s been reported over the past week that Fox bosses are planning to wipe out the current panel in it’s entirety and replace it with all new stars. However, all we really know for sure is that Randy Jackson won’t be taking part.

It seems that the team won’t be replacing him either and in a conference call with reporters today, FOX Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly revealed that it is “likely” the show will go back to three judges for 13th run, though he didn’t confirm whether there would be any familiar faces on it.

Reilly was asked directly if Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj would be welcomed back and said:

idol judges

“Absolutely. But everything is on the table at this point, and we’ll talk about it starting Friday [May 17]“. The current season ends on Thursday evening.

Reilly also talked about the dip in ratings Idol has experience this year and he was candid enough to blame the show’s age and some of the format changes. It seems he has realised that segregating the male and female contestants and taking away some of the viewers’ chances to vote may not have been popular moves and he said:

“We expanded some of the middle rounds, we did a boy-girl thing that went over three weeks. That is really where the ratings kind of took their biggest hit. So really if I were to point to any one thing, it might have been that format.

He will then be taking a fresh look at the format and how it can be revamped, changed and improved upon for 2014 and continued:

“Our next season begins on the Friday morning after our finale. That’s when we’re really going to go to work in earnest, because I think the format more than anything will have a few fresh twists next year that we’ve already identified that I think will really be a nice little jolt.”

Nicki Minaj must be keen to return because she has been busy gushing this week about the show.

American Idol panel

Despite her frequent run ins and Twitter spats with fellow judge Mariah Carey, the ‘Starships’ singer insists that she is ‘really happy’ on the talent show and told MTV news that the team are like ‘family’ to her now.

She said:

“It’s kind of sad that what people read all the time is only when something is negative.

“But they don’t realise that we built a family. I feel happy here and I have to thank them for giving me this chance. They could have picked anyone in the world. And they picked me. So that’s all I’ll say about that.”

However the ‘Pound The Alarm’ hitmaker refused to confirm whether or not she will be back for a second crack of the whip and teased:

“That’s a million-dollar question”, before adding:

American Idol Nicki Minaj

“I have to say this all the time, but I want people to know it’s genuinely from my heart. I love the people on ‘Idol.’ I genuinely do. If I had to do this all over again, I would have done ‘Idol’. Because it’s fun, it’s laughs.”

Would you like to see Nicki back? Who should be on the American Idol panel next year? Leave your comments below…

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41 Responses to “American Idol going back to 3 judges for 2014 and Nicki Minaj talks about Idol ‘family’”

  1. jj says:

    of Course Nicki Minaj should stay she has to Without her Idol would be pretty stupid Nicki Minaj inspires so many people and owns who she is #StarshipQueen

  2. towsinc says:

    THE VERY WORST JUDGING Everf No big problem wsith format Just STUPID over the line judges WORST 1) NIKY 2) RANDY 3)KEITH I have for the first time in twelve seasons changed channels during either of their monologues If any one of the three return will not return to idol in the future

  3. kylesmom says:

    Our family will too not be watching if Nicki, Mariah, or Randy return.
    We fast forwarded every time any of those three spoke.
    We really did enjoy Keith’s comments.

    We do love the new judges on the Voice …… maybe you can grab a couple of them?

  4. Diggity says:

    I think we need some new flavor on this show to make it hot again!! My suggestions for next year would be to drop them all. Then lets add some flavor with someone like…… Luke Bryan, Nicole Sherzinger and to throw a curve ball… Adam Sandler!!! All three of them love music, have or do produce music and have absolutely awesome personalities!! Get it together!! Choose my suggestions!!

  5. tlynn56 says:

    I hope they keep Keith, I just love the way he judges, I’m going to hate to see Randy leave. Mariah I enjoy her as well. But Nicki I think idol could do without her and some of her comments.

  6. Sandy says:

    Absolutely Nicki and Mariah need to go! I refuse to watch another season if they are the judges. They were more into themselves than American Idol. Thought Keith is great. Randy sounded like his heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

  7. grace says:

    I think the judging on American idol was bad by all judges. When it got down to the last two contestants one was given better singing material than thee other. I think the new judges should be people who listen and love music, but are not affiliated to the music industry. Maybe then, the judging will be better for all the contestants.

  8. Robin says:

    I definitely will not be watching next year if Nikki returns. She was so into herself if was pitiful. She spent more time fixing her hair than she did judging the contestants. I would love to see Keith come back tho. I thought his comments were very helpful and insightful to the contestants, even when he thought they could have done a better job, he explained why.

  9. Amanda says:

    Nicki and Keth Urban should come back replace mariah IDC. I love Nicki she is fnny and just plain amazing. I think it will be a shame with with out her next year.

  10. Amanda says:


  11. Kay says:

    Would love for Keith Urban to return next season. Please don’t bring back Nicki or Mariah!!!! I could not bear listening to either one of them. Bring on some new judges or alot of people will NOT be watching!

  12. Wendy says:

    I have watched Idol since day one. Can’t stand Nicki!She’s crude, rude and obnoxious! Keith was great! I’d like to see Adam Lambert as one of the judges.

  13. darcy pembleton says:

    New judges for 2014 who have some class and are able to really help out. It was the worst judging ever. Where is Simon–at least he told the truth to each person..

  14. Cindy says:

    I have been watching from the beginning, yes it is time for Randy to leave. Randy was good but not no more. Now for that thing Nicki that was the worst judge ever I have seen, she said very inappropriate comments to these young contestant. I like Mariah, so is a great singer, but not a judge. Keth I thought was not bad I like him and hope he does come back. If they get the right people to judge this show it will be great again. Just think if they brought back Simon that could be good, but that’s not going to happen. I love the Voice, best singing show out there right now, judges all get along and they know how to judge.

  15. don says:

    it would be interesting if the producers would take fans suggestions for judges , or open up a voting for suggestions , i do agree that adam sandler would make a excellent judge , keith would be cool if he returned any truth to the rumors about jlo thinking of returning ?

  16. Roni says:

    I love Keith and Nicki ! They were both very honest! and Ncki actually brought some humor to the show….BUT If I could pick the perfect panel – It would be J-Lo, Keith Urban, & Mary J Blige

  17. Lu says:

    A former idol winner would be a great twist!

  18. melvin says:

    Nicki ok the reSt have ti go

  19. AVALl says:

    I looooved… Nikki on Idol! I always thought of her differently, but her comments were smart, funny and always kept me engaged! I see her sooo differently now! I love her!

  20. unknownPj says:

    NEW SET of Judges:
    Pink. kelly clarksn. Apl d ap.
    pink . apl d ap. beyonce
    pink. neyo. adam lambert

  21. Kathryn says:

    these should be the new judges,
    kelly clarkson kesha and taylor swift.

  22. minajboring says:

    nicki minaj is a great judge but not at singing. mariah is great at singing but less of judging. but for me, and for everyone in the world, Mariah is deserving to stay and judge as she gives constructive criticism. As minaj upsets contestants with her evil/ straight up comments. well its good to tell things to the point, but for minaj case, it’s a bad thing.

  23. rylee says:

    I think Keith should stay. Mariah and Nicki needs to leave. They fight and act like they hate each other. The voice gives the singers advice and add humor. The voice is awesome!!! I love Blake Shelton.

    • rylee says:

      Oh and one more thing. I was SO mad when jannelle got cut off. The judges should have saved her. She was my favorite and still is!!! I thought she was better than everyone on the voice!!

  24. Melinda says:

    Steven Tyler was the most entertaining.
    Keith Urban was very classy and down home.
    Cheryl Crowe or J Lo would be good.

    • don says:

      agreed all good choices , but still i think adam sandler would be quite interesting if they could get him.but its not likely to make any differences what the fans say because the producers wont listen anyway

  25. Teresa says:

    I would really like to see Nikki and K eith come back. I am a 56 year old woman who really had no idea who Nikki was. I don’t care for her music. Not into rap; however, I think she was the most sincere judge on the panel and the one who really cared the most about the contestants. As for the girl above talking about playing with her hair, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Did you ever check out Mariah? She was constantly playing with her hair, her clothes and and was totally “performing” for the camera. Congratulations Nikki for your unique and refreshing comments and judging style!!!!!

    • don says:

      lol are you blind?? she is a total flake, and look a little closer she is playing the crowd
      not sure what show you have been watching

  26. Roger says:

    Keith Urban, Alicia Keyes and Adam Lambert.

  27. Tyler says:

    I absolutely LOVE Mariah Carey, but she shouldn’t have done the show, she is way to good for it.

  28. Donna says:

    Keith’s comments were not usually critically helpful but were tolerable. The others were STUPID STUPID STUPID!! Nikki was the absolute worst. It is no wonder that the ratings dropped. If the producers can’t come up with a more professional group of judges with something worth saying, I won’t be watching next year. The format isn’t the problem. It’s the judges! How about Harry Connick, Jr. ? He seemed to add some worthwhile criticism.

  29. Bob Jones says:

    If either Nikki or Mariah return next season I will take up glow bowling to avoid having to watch. They are self absorbed ego divas and are not worth my time.

  30. John says:

    Definitely Keith Urban needs to come back. He was the only judge besides Randy that actually judged the contestants. I think Idol would be making a huge mistake getting rid of him.

  31. Drew Cooley says:


    • don says:

      if she or Mariah returns the show will definately not be worth watching, most people are sick of their self serving attitudes