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Ex-Big Brother HM Sam Pepper tries to answer ‘sex assault’ outrage by filming a woman groping men! #Idiot

sam pepper 2

We recently reported that former Big Brother housemate had prompted outrage by posting a video to YouTube which featured him carrying out a ‘prank’ which involved him touching several women on their bottoms…

While he evidently found it all hilarious, Twitter users did not and thousands of angry messages were posted to the social media site with the hashtag #ReportSamPepper. Read more & comment »

#ReportSamPepper trending after ex-Big Brother star posts “Fake Hand Ass Pinch” video

sam pepper 3

If you’re a fan of Big Brother, you may recall that Sam Pepper went into the house during its eleventh run, and during the 73 days he was on the show, he irritated his housemates – and a number of viewers – with his propensity for pranks…

They included banging on the base of a pan in the middle of the night and putting chilli powder into toothpaste. Read more & comment »

Big Brother stars Matthew Davies and (groom to be?) Steven Goode row at BB wrap party

matthew, steven big brother

Although this year’s series of Big Brother ended several weeks ago, Channel 5 delayed the wrap party until Celebrity Big Brother had concluded, so the bash took place just a few days ago.

And as we reported recently, ahead of it, Danielle McMahon fired off yet another vile rant about fellow former housemate Helen Wood, however, it seems they weren’t the only ones at each other’s throats during the party… Read more & comment »

Big Brother: Rebekah Shelton (Rodrigo Lopes) confirms gender transition!

rodrigo lopes rebekah shelton

A couple of years back, it was revealed that former Big Brother contestant, Rodrigo Lopes was living life as a woman, named Rebekah Shelton.

Ever since, Rodrigo has continued to live life as Rebekah, and has now confirmed that she has completed the full transition to becoming a woman.
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Big Brother’s ‘Classy lady’ Danielle McMahon launches ANOTHER expletive filled rant at Helen Wood

Big Brother 2014: Helen & Danielle

Though the regular series of Channel 5’s Big Brother ended some weeks ago, the wrap party was scheduled for this week, and it seems the thought of seeing Helen Wood again was sufficient to send webcam girl – and born again hypocrite – Danielle McMahon into meltdown…

Yesterday, the lingerie model – who spent a life-sappingly boring amount of time extolling her own ‘virtues’ while in the house, claiming she hates swearing and is a “classy lady” – fired off a series of expletive filled posts at and about Helen. Read more & comment »

Big Brother & Celeb BB: Where it all started.. Nasty Nick, Craig Phillips…

big brother series 1

Now that Celebrity Big Brother is entering its final weeks, we thought we’d take a look back at where the show began, and how very different it was in its first ever run on Channel 4 back in 2000…

The UK version of the show was based on a series created by John de Mol in 1997, and the first Dutch series of Big Brother provided the blueprint for all the variations that followed. Read more & comment »

Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood is talking Wayne Rooney sex scandal again! ‘I was thrown to the wolves’

big brother helen wood

Last month, Big Brother fans were left in complete shock when Helen Wood emerged from the Big Brother house as the winner of the summer series.

At one point, Helen was the most hated housemate in the house, but she still managed to walk away £100,000 richer.

She’s recently been drafted in to write her own columns for the Daily Star, and to kick things off, she’s been talking about the celebrity nude scandal, and she even likened it to the time her name leaked to the press for bedding Wayne Rooney. Erm…
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Endemol to launch Big Brother-style reality TV show on MARS?

big brother house 2014 7

It’s the most bonkers story we’ve seen in a while, but here goes… Endemol (the company behind Big Brother) is currently planning to launch a Big Brother-style reality TV show on Mars…

Yep, seriously… the planet isn’t even inhabitable yet, but Endemol wants to be the first to launch a reality TV show out there. I suppose the house would look pretty futuristic, much like they tried with this year’s summer series of the show.
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Big Brother 2014: Channel 5 issues statement over inquiry into Helen Wood’s victory! “all votes are independently verified”

Big Brother 2014 eye

Ever since Helen Wood was announced the winner of Big Brother 2014 last Friday, fans of the show have campaigned stating that her victory was a farce.

During the launch night show, Helen Wood was issued a pass to the final, and as time went on, she became the most hated housemate of the series, but somehow, she managed to go on and steal the crown, along with the £100k prize fund on Friday night.

Fans have petitioned against the result, stating that they wanted more clarity on the voting figures, with some even claiming that the voting was fixed as Helen is somehow associated with Northern and Shell, and Richard Desmond – the current owner of Channel 5. However, Channel 5 has now issued a statement, which you can see below, which outlines the voting figures throughout the finale, along with any interventions Big Brother had with Helen.
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Big Brother winner Helen Wood WON’T write Wayne Rooney kiss-and-tell book & Danielle McMahon still lashing out

big brother 2014 helen

From the outset of this year’s series of Big Brother, Helen Wood was one of the most controversial housemates to date, and even when it was announced she was the winner, she walked out of the house to a chorus of deafening boos.

And her win divided viewers with thousands expressing their anger that “bully” Helen had won, while others – myself included, despite the fact that I couldn’t stand Helen at first – were glad that she’d won on the grounds that love her or loathe her, she provided great drama, which is what BB is all about at the end of the day. Read more & comment »