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Big Brother 2014: Channel 5 issues statement over inquiry into Helen Wood’s victory! “all votes are independently verified”

Big Brother 2014 eye

Ever since Helen Wood was announced the winner of Big Brother 2014 last Friday, fans of the show have campaigned stating that her victory was a farce.

During the launch night show, Helen Wood was issued a pass to the final, and as time went on, she became the most hated housemate of the series, but somehow, she managed to go on and steal the crown, along with the £100k prize fund on Friday night.

Fans have petitioned against the result, stating that they wanted more clarity on the voting figures, with some even claiming that the voting was fixed as Helen is somehow associated with Northern and Shell, and Richard Desmond – the current owner of Channel 5. However, Channel 5 has now issued a statement, which you can see below, which outlines the voting figures throughout the finale, along with any interventions Big Brother had with Helen.
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Big Brother winner Helen Wood WON’T write Wayne Rooney kiss-and-tell book & Danielle McMahon still lashing out

big brother 2014 helen

From the outset of this year’s series of Big Brother, Helen Wood was one of the most controversial housemates to date, and even when it was announced she was the winner, she walked out of the house to a chorus of deafening boos.

And her win divided viewers with thousands expressing their anger that “bully” Helen had won, while others – myself included, despite the fact that I couldn’t stand Helen at first – were glad that she’d won on the grounds that love her or loathe her, she provided great drama, which is what BB is all about at the end of the day. Read more & comment »

Big Brother: Made In Chelsea’s Alex Mytton for Celeb BB? Ash Harrison & Matthew Davies row at BB wrap party

mic alex mytton

The new series of Celebrity Big Brother kicks off tomorrow night on Channel 5 at 9pm, and as we reported earlier, the line-up of VIP housemates has been revealed, and it reportedly includes occasional Made in Chelsea star Stephanie Pratt…

But it’s also been reported today that she could be joined in the house by another MIC cast member, Alex Mytton. Read more & comment »

Big Brother FIGHT: Helen Wood Vs Denise Welch as Danielle McMahon brands Helen’s supporters “Scum!”

helen wood denise welch

This year’s Big Brother may be over, but the drama isn’t, and since leaving the house a winner on Friday night, Helen Wood has taken former Celebrity Big Brother winner Denise Welch to task over branding her a “bully”.

But a more vicious row has kicked off on Twitter between loser Danielle McMahon and several of the other now former BB housemates, aside from her BFF Ashleigh Coyle. Read more & comment »

Big Brother winner Helen Wood now for Celebrity BB? And punter lands £100k after her shock victory!

big brother 2014 helen

Last night, Helen Wood walked away a winner from this year’s series of Big Brother, and in so doing, she’s made history as she became the biggest outsider in BB history to win the show and to walk away with the £100,000 prize money.

However, it wasn’t only Helen who was celebrating her victory last night given that one punter cashed in their bet on the former hooker winning, and waltzed off with his/her own cheque for £100k. Read more & comment »

Big Brother fans outraged that Helen Wood won & she feared violence from ‘hate’ mob VIDEO

big brother helen wood

Last night, former escort Helen Wood became the shock winner of the Big Brother 2014 summer series, leaving fellow housemate – and former favourite to win – Ashleigh Coyle as runner-up.

However, Helen left the house to a chorus of boos, despite the fact that evidently, a large number of viewers voted for her to win… Read more & comment »

Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood admits her behaviour is out of order, but what has she learned from her experience?

Helen Wood BB

Surprisingly, Helen Wood has been named as the WINNER of this year’s series of Big Brother, and we have to say, we’re so shocked about the result.

Helen has brought a lot to the house this year, and set the dynamics in many ways, but for all the wrong reasons half of the time! So it was an absolute surprise that she’s been named as the winner, as the vast majority of the public were against her from day one.
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Big Brother 2014 Finale: Helen Wood crowned as the WINNER of Big Brother!

Helen Wood BB

This evening, it has been revealed that Helen Wood is the WINNER of this year’s summer series of Big Brother.

Tonight’s special finale episode has been explosive, as firm favourite Christopher Hall finished in bronze position, but despite public perception, Helen Wood has only gone and won it!
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Big Brother 2014 Finale: Ashleigh Coyle finishes in runner-up position! She talks her rocky relationship with Helen & her friendship with Chris!

Ashleigh Coyle

And then there were just two! Ashleigh Coyle and Helen Wood were the two remaining housemates in the house this evening, and it has just been revealed that Ashleigh Coyle has finished in second place.

Tonight has seen the finale of the 2014 series of Big Brother, and Pav, Chris, Ash, and Christopher has been kicked out of the house, but Ashleigh could only manage second.
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Big Brother 2014 Finale: Christopher Hall finishes in third place! He talks his relationship with Mark & standing up for himself!

Christopher Hall

And then there were three! It has been revealed that Christopher Hall has finished in third place on this evening’s Big Brother finale…

Tonight saw the finale of Big Brother 2014, and it was decided that Christopher didn’t quite cut the mustard, which was a shock, as he was one of the bookies’ favourites to take the crown this evening…
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