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Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood & Chris Wright don’t trust Pav after his letter from home tells him to keep his eye on the goal!

big brother 2014 helen 2

Yesterday, the housemates won letters from home, and following Pav’s being read out by Zoe, Helen Wood and Chris have decided they still don’t trust him.

They’ve not trusted any of the newbies since they entered the house a couple of weeks back, especially Pav! Helen and Chris suggested in the garden a couple of days back that Pav and the newbies had been put into the house for a reason, even stating they didn’t trust him. His letter from home has just fuelled that ever burning fire.
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Big Brother 2014: Steven Goode describes the house as a “cesspit”, and who is leaving shitty underwear lying around?

big brother 2014 steven goode

Since becoming the latest housemate to be evicted on Friday evening, Steven Goode has blasted the cleanliness of the Big Brother House, even describing it as a “cesspit”.

Each and every year we see the same complaints from the housemates! The Big Brother house is never clean… it seems like the housemates always want to live like absolute tramps.
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Big Brother’s Ashleigh embarrassed as she says of Pav, “He knows I nominated him” VIDEO

big brother 2014 ashleigh

After the latest nominations results were revealed to the Big Brother housemates last night – Pav, Zoë and Chris face the public vote this week – Helen and her new BFF Ashleigh mulled over the evening’s events as they studied the LED wall…

Helen said to Ashleigh, “I can’t do that huggy thing by the way…” Read more & comment »

Big Brother: Steven Goode & Kimberly Kisselovich had sex FIVE times in the house! Ten Second Steven then?

big brother 2014 steven, kimberly

Big Brother fans will know that the now ex-housemates Steven Goode and Kimberly Kisselovich enjoyed a steamy romp in the Borehamwood house, which occurred not only while they were in a bedroom with several other people, but also as the show’s cameras captured the grim under-duvet action.

We viewers – or those in my house at any rate – watched in horror as Steven rode Kimberly like a show pony, and even though the footage was on-screen for only a matter of mere seconds, some of us felt the need to wash our eyes with bleach or go to church. Read more & comment »

Celebrity Big Brother’s Casey Batchelor for TOWIE role? Plus more Big Brother Public Power details revealed VIDEO

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Casey Batchelor

Before model Casey Batchelor went into the Celebrity Big Brother house during the show’s last series, there weren’t many viewers who actually knew who she was…

But thanks to the love triangle that ensued during her time in the house alongside fellow model Jasmine Waltz and Blue singer lee Ryan, she was soon a household name. Read more & comment »

Big Brother 2014: The nominations are in! Pav, Zoe, and Chris face eviction this week!

big brother 2014 chris

This week’s nominations results are in, and it all seems to be a little too plain sailing so far…

Big Brother revealed to the housemates this evening that Pav, Zoe, and Chris will face the public vote this Friday.
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Big Brother 2014: Chris and Helen turn on Pav & the housemates are TERRIFIED of the public being in control!

big brother 2014 helen

On Friday evening, following the departure of Steven Goode, Emma Willis revealed that we, the public, would be in control this week, but the housemates are absolutely terrified about what decisions the public will have to make.

If there’s one thing Helen’s scared about, it’s that Big Brother might show the housemates everyone’s prior nominations. But then again, seeing how many weeks the housemates have actually nominated properly, there won’t be much to show…
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Big Brother’s Ashleigh Coyle gets seriously drunk as Christopher & Mark talk giving Pav a chance VIDEOS

big brother 2014 ashleigh 3

As has been noted by Big Brother housemate Helen Wood, ever since Danielle McMahon left the BB house, her BFF Ashleigh Coyle is like a new person…

And instead of sitting around in corners tutting with Danielle at the antics of the rest of the housemates, Ashleigh is now joining in with them, though she may be regretting that today as she nurses the hangover from hell. Read more & comment »

Big Brother: Zoë warns Ash, “Don’t lead Helen on” as she implies she’s a bunny boiler? VIDEO

big brother 2014 ash 2

During a late night chat in the garden last night – following a party to celebrate passing a task, which you can read about in a moment – Big Brother housemates Zoë and Ash got to discussing his relationship with Helen Wood, and whether it is or is not of a romantic nature…

Zoë pointed out to Ash that on the face of it, he and Helen do seem like a couple, given that they spend all of their time together and share a bed, however, he perhaps doesn’t see it the same way. Read more & comment »

Big Brother: Ashleigh Coyle new favourite to win & Steven Goode says parents didn’t object to sex scenes

big brother 2014 ashleigh

Having been saved to live another week in the Big Brother house on Friday night, housemate Ashleigh Coyle has now emerged as the new frontrunner to win the entire show…

It seems that viewers were impressed with how the 18 year old model handled the responsibility of heading up last week’s Big Brother Power Alliance, and they’ve been similarly pleased to see Ashleigh embracing life in the house more since her miserable and moaning sidekick Danielle McMahon was booted. Read more & comment »