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Big Brother: Chris Wright wants out as The Losers task continues to create drama VIDEO

big brother 2014 chris

As we reported earlier, this week’s shopping task has put the Big Brother housemates up against each other in more ways than one…

The most obvious pitting of the HMs against one another is that the house had been divided in to two teams – Red and Blue – and because Big Brother has rigged the task, the Blue team are destined to continual failure. Read more & comment »

Big Brother 2014: Kimberly Kisselovich has a bump, talks her love for Steven & sex in the house was good!

Kimberly Kisselovich Big Brother 2014

Last week, Kimberly Kisselovich made her surprising exit from the Big Brother house, due to ‘medical reasons’.

In her first interview since her exit from the house last week, Kimberly has told Emma Willis that she’s genuinely fallen for Steven, there IS going to be a relationship on the outside, oh, and sex was good!
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Big Brother: Day 1 of rigged shopping task The Losers won by Red Team, but will they pass overall? VIDEO

big brother 2014 task the losers 3

So far in this summer’s series of Big Brother – which of course has Power as its overall theme – each and every shopping task has kicked off some kind of drama, and the latest is no exception.

Yesterday, the housemates learned that this week, they would be divided into two teams, Red and Blue, and they must go head-to-head against each other in a series of challenges, many of which were actually impossible to carry out or win… Read more & comment »

Big Brother: Zoë Birkett the biggest fake in the house? Mark, Chris and Ashleigh seem to think so! VIDEO

Big Brother Summer 2014

This week has been as ever a drama-filled one in the Big Brother house, and part of the Power Alliance challenges saw former housemates Matthew Davies, Danielle McMahon and Biannca Lake retuning to the Borehamwood compound to “advise” Ashleigh, Chris and Mark on who they should nominate.

But as we reported last night, the whole thing took a serious twist when Ash was saved and so Ashleigh now faces the public vote this week. Read more & comment »

Big Brother: Wayne Rooney’s ex Helen Wood cries & calls bosses liars!

big brother 2014 helen steven

Yesterday, while the Big Brother housemates – and viewers – were still reeling from the nominations and Power Alliance twist, the show’s bosses decided to stir things up even more by challenging the housemates to a task which saw them having to guess who had said what during their time in the house…

And for Helen Wood, it all ended in tears as she raged that Big Brother had misquoted her and in fact made up snippets of conversations that she’d had in the house. Read more & comment »

Big Brother: Former HM Keeley Johnson receives compensation & vile Josie Cunningham hints a CBB stint

keeley johnson

Fans of Big Brother may recall 2010 housemate Keeley Johnson, who, on Day 41 was nominated for eviction. The following day, the housemates were given a task entitled Save and Replace and during it, Keeley injured her ankle and so the task was cancelled.

Then, on Day 42, Keeley left the House to get medical treatment for her injury, and on Day 45, it was announced that she would not to the Big Brother House. Read more & comment »

Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh breaks down over nominations reveal & nobody likes the new housemates!

Big Brother 2014

Last night’s Big Brother bombshell has turned the whole house on its head! Ashleigh had a break down in the garden last night, and we discovered that literally nobody likes the new housemates.

Speaking to Zoe in the garden last night over her decision to put her up for eviction, Ashleigh said that she isn’t going anywhere, but they had to make a decision, and that’s what they did.
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Big Brother 2014: Fans left FUMING over last night’s nominations bombshell! Should Ashleigh really be facing eviction?

big brother 2014 ashleigh chris

It seems Big Brother isn’t happy unless there’s some fiddling going on with the nominations process. There’s only been a handful of times that the nominations process has gone ahead as normal this series.

Last night, Big Brother dropped a massive bombshell on the house, and the viewers alike, but instead of it shocking everyone to the core, it just p*ssed fans off even more.
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Big Brother 2014: MASSIVE nominations bomb dropped on the house! Who escaped eviction & who is getting the boot?

Big Brother 2014

As we reported earlier today, the Power Alliance came together and chose to put Ash, Pav, and Steven up for eviction this week, but as ever, Big Brother has turned the whole nominations process on its head.

This evening, a fourth and final nominee was announced to the group, but that was only the start. Big Brother dropped a massive bombshell on the housemates, and it went down like a lead balloon! Head on inside to see who will be facing the public vote this week!
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Big Brother rejects Matthew, Biannca & Danielle coming back! Who’s getting evicted?

big brother 2014 ashleigh chris

This afternoon, Big Brother rejects, Matthew, Biannca, and Danielle made their way back into the house. But, it was only for a small task, so it probably didn’t leave much time for Biannca to get her boobs out!

Today, Power Housemate Ashleigh, and her accomplices Mark and Chris were set a mission, in which they had more decisions to make.
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