Big Brother 2012: Brian Dowling mugged and threatened by knife wielding thugs!

Brian Dowling was left shaking in his boots, after being mugged in London this week.

The Big Brother presenter was threatened by knife wielding thugs, who were looking for his money and during the incident, the men even held their blade to his throat as a means of intimidating the star.

Dowlling had his money taken, as well as his wallet and his phone but was glad to escape with his life after the attack.

He told The Sun:

“I was terrified. I live in a lovely area, it was only nine at night and was only 30 seconds from my apartment.

“You don’t expect it at that time of night, or on a quiet residential street.”

Brian was forced down a nearby alley, where he was sure the men were going to kill him. They rifled through all his pockets, all the time holding a knife to his neck and the Irish presenter confessed that he was too scared to even scream for help.

Dowling shot to fame, after being crowned the winner of the second series of Big Brother back in 2001. He also won Ultimate Big Brother in 2010, making him the ultimate Big Brother housemate.

When BB moved from Channel 4 to Channel 5, he replaced Davina McCall as the host and will front two more series’ this year, one normal and one celebrity based.

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