Big Brother 2013: Channel 5 announce new live streaming will be available online!

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The passing of Big Brother’s live streaming from the house has been much mourned by diehard fans, who were somewhat appeased by – albeit brief – returns to live house action on 5*….

However, it was of course recently announced that that too was to end, but today, Channel 5 has announced a new plan, and that is to bring back live streaming to online audiences on a nightly basis.

That said, it’s set to only go live to the BB compound from 11.30pm to 2am – as of tomorrow – but as well as viewing it on, fans can also see it on the Big Brother iPhone and iPad apps and on the Big Brother Facebook app.

The press release about it adds, “Please note live streaming will commence at midnight during evenings when Big Brother’s Bit On The Side is simulcast at 11:00pm.”

So is that enough to keep those aforementioned diehard fans happy?

Well, meh, I’m not so sure…

For me, the beauty of the live 24/7 streaming was that it was just that, 24/7, and therefore, I could tune in and out as I wished.

And if there was something major going on, such as a big row, or on eviction nights, I could watch the live stream on my PC as well as watching live on TV.

dexter, gina, callum, big brother 2013

Now granted, I am an uber fan, but what say you? Is nightly live action enough to keep you happy with your BB experience?

Again, if I may hark back to me, it won’t actually appeal to me as I have to be in bed early to start work early. I don’t even watch the highlights show as it airs as annoyingly, it’s usually on at 10pm and I just can’t stay up to watch it.

But anyhoo, let us know what you think. For now, here’s a look at the latest house action…



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