Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers sent to jail and moans about Dexter Koh & Callum Knell’s ‘weird love triangle’

charlie travers, big brother 2013

Charlie Travers is at the centre of a love triangle in the Big Brother house but it doesn’t sound like she really wants to be there.

The BB housemate has been accused of leading on Callum Knell and Dexter Koh, who have both admitted to falling for her in the past week but she’s insisted that she never intended to exploit their romantic feelings towards her.

Travers seemed to be interested in Callum during the early days of her stay in the BB house, however she went cold on the idea of dating him after watching his audition video in which he claimed to be a womaniser, who is only out for one thing.

While she gets on with Dex, she doesn’t trust the playboy as far as she can throw him and last night, as she was made to have dinner separately with both men, as part of a new task, she said:

dexter koh, charlie travers big brother 2013

“This is a weird love triangle. Why play around with my feelings? I’m not happy about this.”

During her date with Callum, Charlie reduced him to tears as she told him that she once nominated him and found him incredibly irritating.

callum, charlie, big brother 2013

Travers was sent to jail as a punishment for her comments, but she didn’t seem too worried and was glad to have gotten the truth off her chest.

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