Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie reprimanded over slapping Hazel O’Sullivan (VIDEO)

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Daley Ojuederie was given a bit of a dressing down by Big Brother in the early hours of this morning, after he slapped fellow housemate Hazel O’Sullivan.

The professional boxer is currently living with the Irish model in the BB safe house and it’s fair to say that they are friendlier than they have ever been.

The pair’s time in their private residence has been full of flirting and suggestive behaviour and it continued last night as they tried to go to sleep in separate beds.

The pair were a little tipsy, after a night of drinking and fuelled by the alcohol they flirted and fought over some duvets.

The duo got physical during a pillow fight, after Hazel refused to let Daley sleep and confiscated his bedding.

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She taunted and teased him and responded by slapping her on the bum and while she branded him “rude” and told him “You can’t slap my arse like that….Don’t do that again because it hurt!”, O’Sullivan really didn’t sound very upset. In fact she still refused to give him back his duvet and standing over her, the hunk warned:

“Do you want me to get mad? Remember what I said? When I go mad it gets scary.”

However BB bosses weren’t happy with the behaviour and called Daley to the Diary Room to warn him about his behaviour and actions. They told him to tone things down, but he complained:

“All I wanted was my blankets back”.

hazel, daley, big brother 2013

While viewers were responsible for voting Daley and Hazel into the safe house, some people still aren’t fans of the pair and one tweeted last night with an idea of how to make the couple pay for breaking Daley’s girlfriend’s heart.

Katie Corriette was interviewed for BBBOTS last week and broke down as she spoke about the humiliation she has suffered at the hands of the love up pair and one viewer suggested:

“I actually wish they will show @KatieCorriette interview to the house.. #BBUK while Daley and Hazel are in the safe house”

Former BB housemate Luke Anderson said:

“I think it’s pretty disgusting that BB has paired up Daley and Hazel for the #Safehouse might as well watch a public execution”

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8 Responses to “Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie reprimanded over slapping Hazel O’Sullivan (VIDEO)”

  1. Mary Tait says:

    Hazel was not blameless last night she kept pushing and pushing him neither of them deserve to be hm’s their behaviour is dispicable.

  2. granny di says:

    Couldn’t agree more. They are both as bad as each other. Nasty, coniving and fame hungry. I hope they when they go out we never hear about them or see them again but I expect they’ll make a mint out of it. It’s sick.

  3. Julie says:

    Think it’s disgusting that the pair have even been given the chance to be left alone togeather knowing that outside the house is a poor girl who feels humiliated and heartbroken. If I was a bb producer I’d play his ‘girlfriends’ interview with Emma into the house and let everyone know what that heartless scum is really about.

  4. JJ says:

    He certainly lost his rag but she was tormenting him all the way……she held a pillow over his face, slapped him, exposed him by pulling down his shorts and also had her hands round his neck at one point. I think she is now playing the card of how scared she was and she was equally to blame and he got the whole rack for it. They should of both gone.

  5. JJ says:

    Also …… he had my sympathy because she was flaunting herself at him, for instance all the times she asked for a hug and he said no and she wouldn’t let it lie. He had a chance to redeem himself in the safe house by telling her to leave him alone……..he then lost my respect by getting in to bed on the first night with her.

  6. cd says:

    she was playing – he grabbed her by the throat and there is no excuse for that you people blaming her are the reason that most women are scared to come forward about domestic abuse it always put on the woman – was she asking for that! really?

  7. jaime says:

    BIG BROTHER can not blame the public for voting daley and the
    Hazel into the safe house because it was BIG BROTHER who paired
    Them up in the first place. They could have put Daley with any other
    House mate but BIG BROTHER was playing the game and it was
    Disgusting after BIG BROTHER saw daleys girlfriend katie break down
    On national tv its disgusting where is the respect in that. BIG BROTHER
    is just as bad they encouraged the situation between daley and hazel.

  8. RW says:

    Hazel was completely manipulating the situation, and playing the game towards Daley, you could also tell by the tone of his voice he was getting aggy. If she felt unsafe she could have easily left the room or said to him your making me feel uncomfortable. However, a man should never lay a hand on a girl like that, even if they were both doing it he could do a lot more damage to her then the other way round.