Big Brother 2013: Déjà vu as Jackie Travers insists Dan Neal is an actor! But Callum Knell really IS plotting behind her back! (VIDEO)

dan neal, jackie travers

Fans of Big Brother will know that this year’s Secrets & Lies theme kicked in with The People’s Puppet – actor Michael Dylan – stirring things up in the house…

And paranoia about each other has dogged some of the housemates – ex-copper Dan Neal in particular – as they try to work out who was, or wasn’t, or still is, a BB mole.

Dan of course thought Wolfy Millington was an actor from the, however, his fellow housemate Jackie Travers now thinks HE is a BB mole!

When she explained her theory to Callum Knell, he told her, “Hell of a shout, Jackie, if you’re right.”

However her daughter Charlie isn’t convinced, and she accused her mother of being paranoid, to which Jackie retorted, “I told you about Michael and you said ‘Mum, you’re a nutter’.”

jackie, big brother 2013

Yesterday, Dan got wind of Jackie’s suspicions, and when he quizzed her, and insisted he is in fact what he says he is – an ex-police officer and a regular housemate – Jackie told him, “I think you might be a personal trainer…”

Surely not! Would he keep such a dastardly secret in the house?!

Meanwhile, Callum has been plotting to move his plans to romance Charlie up a notch by telling fellow Sam Evans that he intends to try to woo his fellow housemate by getting her mum Jackie “out of the way!”

callum knell

We assume he means evicted – or at least in another room – rather than any kind of assassination plot.

Here’s a look at that and the rest of the action from the house…



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