Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh boasts he’s slept with “A list star” but Hazel O’Sullivan wouldn’t touch him with someone else’s!

dexter koh, hazel o'sullivan

Big Brother housemate Dexter Koh – who was last night saved from facing eviction this week by People’s Puppet Michael Dylan – has reportedly been bragging to his fellow housemates that he’s bedded an “A list star” but he refused to name his lover…

While talking about the fling, he said he couldn’t name the star as he’d signed a “non-disclosure form about it.”

However, his housemate Hazel O’Sullivan – who allegedly fell out with former Celebrity Big Brother star Georgia Salpa over a man – reckons she’d turn gay before she’d even consider sleeping with the self-proclaimed sugar daddy!

Her remarks came after Dexter told some of the other housemates that he and Hazel had “a connection”, which she totally denies is the case.

She apparently retorted, “I’d go to girls before I’d touch him.”

The Daily Star adds that Hazel also claimed that Dexter was “playing a game” by trying to make out she’s interested in him.

She said, “He’s trying for a love storyline.”

Well, evidently, he needs to try harder, because she’s clearly not interested!

dexter koh

However, though he’s been saved from possible eviction this week, as we reported earlier, Dexter became embroiled in a row between Sallie Axl and Michael Dylan last night, which started over the Suggestions Box task.

You can click here to read about that, but for now, here’s a look at recent house action…



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