Big Brother 2013 final: Who will win? Gina Rio, Dexter Koh, Sam Evans, Charlie Travers or Jack & Joe Glenny?

big brother 2013 finalists

Big Brother comes to an end later tonight, with a huge series finale on Channel 5.

The show kicked off almost three months ago and finally this evening the latest winner will be crowned, before the house is gutted and prepared for the celebrity version of the reality TV show which begins in just a few week’s time.

The last eviction of the series took place on Friday night and true to form, viewers were treated to another shock result as Sophie Lawrence found herself falling at the last hurdle and narrowly missing out on the chance to take part in the final.

She wasn’t even supposed to be up for the public vote and only ended up in the hot spot after Dexter Koh won immunity and nominated her the night before. She went head to head with Charlie Travers, Sam Evans and Jack and Joe Glenny on Friday and lost.

sophie lawrence 2

That means that only five housemates stand the chance of taking the title tonight and walking away with the £100,000 prize money and the battle has already commenced between Gina Rio, Charlie Travers, twins Jack and Joe Glenny, Dexter Koh and Sam Evans.

All of the group have been on their best behaviour for the last few days and are playing relatively nicely inside the house.

Bookies William Hill have made lovely little Sam their odds on favourite to win Big Brother this evening, but he’s followed closely by London playboy Dexter, who is seen as perhaps the only real challenger at 2/1.

big brother finalists 2013

“Sam is the obvious favourite but Dexter obviously has a following outside the house and we might just see an upset,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Odds on Sam sit at 4/5, 2/1 Dexter, 9/2 Gina, 16/1 Jack & Joe, 50/1 Charlie.

Who are you backing to win? Leave your comments below….

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16 Responses to “Big Brother 2013 final: Who will win? Gina Rio, Dexter Koh, Sam Evans, Charlie Travers or Jack & Joe Glenny?”

  1. granny di says:

    Sam will probably win. In my opinion not deserved at all. Dexter is my winner whatever place he reaches in the final. In years to come he will be the one who is remembered along with Gina. They have made this series, how boring would it have been without them.

    • sam says:

      Hello Granny di.
      I cant beieve I have been watching these people for 3 months. Ive thoroughly enjoyed it and I really want Dexter to win.
      i have seen him change into a lovely person and I think he deserves it. I actually think he will have his own show or star in one eventually.
      He has a good brain and knows how to use it. Go on Dex
      you have really played the game.
      I rather like Gina and I think she wll do well whether she wins or not.
      With regards to Jack and Joe, I have loved there arguments and I wish them well. One of them has a most infectious laugh and he just starts me off.
      I hate Sam and have from the start. I agree with the landlord. He is such an argumentative pratt. I think he needs to grow up, Charlie is a nice girl, but I thinks she needs couciling. She does not seem to know whether she is coming or going, anyway I wish them all the best except Sam!!

    • suzie tudor says:

      Hi Granny Di
      I agree with you – Dexter is brilliant, I’m still not sure who he is he’s been the most intriguing housemate ever. I hope he wins he has earned the cash by keeping us constantly guessing. I will be gutted if bland Sam wins, do we really want to give Sam £100,000 for doing nothing?
      Charlie should change her name to MiMi (work it out)

  2. daniel says:

    Dexter! everyone please vote Dexter to win!

    Sam isn’t as thick as he make out to be, he only hear what he wants to hear, i wish someone had shouted fire!
    then he would have move his lazy boaring ass, he is a rude prick,and i do believe what the pub landlorn said about him in the news papers, he is a nasty not so def little prick.
    Dexter to win everyone!

    • sam says:

      Hello Daniel.
      What is the matter with this guy.
      I also beleive the pup landlord. I bet the pub landlord hopes he stays in the house forever. I would bar him forever, whats his problem!! I dont think he likes any body. Unfortunately nobody likes him. If he wins I will be mortified. I have not liked him since the first day.
      I love Dexter, but I have enjoyed the twins arguments i would love to be a fly on the wall when they go home.

  3. Annie says:

    Sam is a yob, has no depth to him and is forgettable. The others in the house are real characters and Dexter is just the best, hope he wins.

  4. sam says:

    i hate sam he is an idiot. my husband was deaf, but he did not have a chip on his shoulder

  5. sam says:

    i want dexter to win. he is a changed person and i have fallen for him he is the only intellectual in there

  6. Bryan says:

    Dexter has been the most fake, playing the love triangle ,the tears game, he has been caught out so many times. He said he loves Charlie this coming from someone who told BB he dislikes stupid people. Also being a gambler you can bet he backed himself heavily at the odds of 33/1.After all like Gina he is not short of a bob or to ,notice only he and Charlie never mentioned what they would do with the winnings.

  7. julie says:

    Hello Bryan

    We are all entitled to our opinions, but I am begining to wonder if we have been watching the same programme.

    Dexter is not FAKE if anybody is fake it is Sam the idiot. He just moans and groans from the time gets up.
    He has such a fake grin and he needs to grow up. The landlord was totally right.

  8. Lauren says:

    Hello everybody, Sam is an obnoxious self-serving little git! He is. Boring and very moody; totally been brainwashed by Callum!

    I don’t think Dexter is a fake and he has really grown through this process. Ii sincerely hope that he wins!

  9. Adam says:

    I met someone who knows Dexter and everything about Dexter is fake and BB know this. He knew before he went in that he would win, how do you explain that ? Has already done all his interviews before and signed contracts and has a book ready. You guys believe everything you see. don’t believe me ? Just wait and see.

  10. granny di says:

    Whatever Dexter is, whatever Dexter does he has entertained me for 9 weeks when others have slept half of the time. He has taken all the venom aimed at him on the chin and never retaliated. I choose who I want to win by what I’ve seen and take no notice whatsoever in what other people think or believe. If he comes 1st or 5th he is still my winner and whatever he does I wish him good luck.

    • julie says:

      Hello Granny Di,

      I agree with you. Adam says he knows someone who knows Dexter, that is called heresay.
      Dexter is playing a game and that is what bb is all about, perhaps Adam does not realise that!!
      Go on Dexter get the money and enjoy it.

  11. tulip says:

    Wrong winner!!!! Sly Sam should not have won as he was the most boring housemate ever. He also had the easiest ride in there! I think he won the sympthy vote as he was certainly not entertaining! Was he drunk most of the time? He seemed to always be drinking more cans of beer than anyone else and that was the only time we heard him give his oppinion and even then it was little boys stuff!!! Not clever and not funny as he thought he was!!! The winner should have been Dexter. He was so entertaining and clever. There is no dount Dex was the main star of the show. WHY DO WE ALWAYS HAVE THIS DULL AND BORING WINNERS? Good luck to Gina and Dexters future they were amazing.