Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan wants to “turn” gay ex-cop Dan Neal!

Big Brother Summer 2013

Fans of Big Brother will know that lingerie model Hazel O’Sullivan can often be found draped all over fellow housemate Dan Neal, who is of course gay…

And though it seemed she was perhaps merely trying out for the role of his ‘fag hag’, a newspaper today suggests that in fact, Hazel – who reportedly fell out with former Celebrity Big Brother star Georgia Salpa over a bloke – wants to “turn” ex-cop Daniel straight!

The Daily Star reports that – in scenes considered too raunchy to be televised – Hazel “straddled the ex-detective as he lay in bed in the early hours and pinned him to the mattress.”

A show insider said, “Dan seemed very excited to have Hazel on top of him. This had been building for a while.”

Of Dan, Hazel recently told her fellow housemates, “I just love him as a person…

“[But] the other night when I was in bed I thought he was my ex. I had to get out.

“I thought this is weird now.”

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Twins Jack and Joe Glenny apparently saw her “blowing on Dan’s neck” in bed in the early hours, and said, “This is such an erotic moment.”

However, Dan is proving to be less than popular with some of the other housemates including nominated Jemima Slade and Wolfy Millington, both of whom have accused him of being “two-faced” and “bitchy.”

What do you think of Dan? I still can’t decide whether I like him or not…



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One Response to “Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan wants to “turn” gay ex-cop Dan Neal!”

  1. J says:

    imar jan so what if hes homosexual, its not a bad thing, i know i dont care. he could win if hes gay. wow really ignorant