Big Brother 2013: Naked showers & bedtime cuddling! Hazel O’Sullivan & Daley Ojuederie enjoy the safe house!

Things get a little bit hot and heavy on tonight’s episode of Big Brother as Daley and Hazel take their relationship to the next level.

The pair have caused consternation with their flirting in the main house for days, with their fellow housemates frequently getting upset by their behaviour and about the fact that Daley has a girlfriend on the outside.

However, now they’re living alone in the safe house and it seems that the professional boxer isn’t being so coy anymore.

On tonight’s show Daley jokes with Hazel that the rules say you have to shower naked in the safe house. She doesn’t quite obey his orders but after she strips off and has a shower in a very skimpy bikini, he teases her by showering naked.

Later in the day she asks him to request pancakes. He replies, “You want me to be the husband?!” She smiles, “You’re the husband, man of the house!” After deliberating, Daley gets up and calls through to the house to request pancakes.

daley, hazel, big brother 2013

At bedtime the pair flirt even more and as they lie in their own beds, Daley admits:

“It just p*sses me off as you can lay in the bed with Dan and be so close up, and no one think of anything.”

Hazel points out the obvious saying;

“Dan is gay. Would you get into bed and cuddle me? It wouldn’t be seen like me and Dan…”

The hunk isn’t having it though and continues:

“It’s stupid though, that I’ll feel uncomfortable about it.”

Hazel insists:

hazel daley

“I’ll stay in this bed and you stay in that bed. Sorted!”

But Daley cant resist temptation and pleads:

“I can chill with you; I won’t get in the covers. Move up then!”

Daley gets into Hazel’s bed, the pair ends up under the covers.

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8 Responses to “Big Brother 2013: Naked showers & bedtime cuddling! Hazel O’Sullivan & Daley Ojuederie enjoy the safe house!”

  1. Catherine says:

    Nasty Nasty!

  2. Vivy Kogi says:

    What Hazel and Daley dis is disgusting, it is not fair at all , i feel sick . Poor Katie.

  3. Jessica says:

    I feel sorry for Daley’s girlfriend. However – the PUBLIC made this choice. I think Daley is disgusting! He should be getting all the hate – even though Hazel is the flirty one, she shouldn’t get all the hate – Daley did say that himself and his girlfriend split up before he entered the Big Brother House. Daley is the one who needs to go!

  4. Yuri says:

    Fancy inviting his gf on the show then doing this ? She has a kid who no doubt DALEY has a father type relationship with ? Totally wrong. Abuse basically. Mental torture for his GF and her kid. Shameful ENDEMOL.

  5. Yuri says:

    p.s i hope endemol realise it fast.

  6. granny di says:

    Even if the public did vote them in to the safe house it was BB who paired the 2 together which was wrong. It should have been voting for the individual housemates with the highest 2 going in, that would have been fairer. It seems that BB have no morals where profit comes in and in fact as far as i’m concerned they are promoting porn.

  7. Angel says:

    Can you all stop throwing stones when you live in glass houses yourselves. Anyone who keeps watching Daley and Hazel’s scenes is as human as Big Brother b/c we all secretly want to be entertained but put blames on someone else. So if you’re so “holier than thou”, one option is to stop watching and another is to fastforward the couple’s scenes so you don’t watch anything “dirty”.

  8. Daley and Hazel are no more says:

    Hazel o sullivan and Daley are no-more. Daley attacked her in a fit of rage. He was really crazy wasn’t he? Well he got what she deserved, never attack a lady if there is a camera present :)

    Cause the woman will always win, women are weak… and more slender, soft, now don’t get me wrong some can put up a good fight… but they are generally weaker than men, minus the big bull-ones.

    Now i bid you good evening.