Big Brother 2013: Ofcom to investigate over Daley Ojuederie ‘attack’ on Hazel O’Sullivan while she says, “I really miss him!” (VIDEO)

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It’s been revealed today that TV watchdog Ofcom are investigating scenes aired on Channel 5’s Big Brother which depicted the now former housemate Daley Ojuederie gripping fellow contestant Hazel O’Sullivan around the neck and pinning her to a bed while stating, “I’ll finish you!”

The incident has of course divided fans of the show, and while many – including the man himself – claim the whole thing was “play fighting” that got blown out of proportion, others insist that Hazel’s assertion that she was “terrified” of the boxer are valid and justified.

However, in the meantime, Hazel has apparently told her fellow housemates that she misses Daley and would like him to return to the house. More on that in a moment…

But first, of Ofcom becoming embroiled in the debacle, the Daily Star reports, “Some 60 viewers have so far complained to Ofcom, saying the clip should never have been shown at all.”

Ahead of airing the episode in question, Channel 5 did however issue a warning to viewers that the footage contained “disturbing scenes,” but as of yet, the broadcaster has declined to comment on Ofcom’s involvement.

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Back now to what Hazel’s had to say about Daley, and as we reported recently, she appointed Dan Neal as her spokesman over the whole thing, and he therefore told the rest of the housemates what had happened to prompt Daley’s removal from the house.

However, having repeatedly claimed that she felt “cornered, threatened” and “terrified,” Hazel reportedly then insisted that she misses Daley and wishes he could return.

She said, “It wasn’t my decision he went. I really miss him.”

She even criticised her fellow housemates for seemingly not caring that Daley had been booted.

Here’s a look at the latest video from the house…



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10 Responses to “Big Brother 2013: Ofcom to investigate over Daley Ojuederie ‘attack’ on Hazel O’Sullivan while she says, “I really miss him!” (VIDEO)”

  1. granny di says:

    I do believe he scared her a bit and it was right that he was ejected but she did provoke him. If she had left him alone in the first place, as he asked her to, none of this would have happened. The threat of violence is NEVER acceptable but she must take some of the blame. His behaviour shocked her but if she was that frightened why did she get into bed with him after. She could have gone into the main house after being called into the diary room and stay away from him.

    • bebebroon says:

      I agree hazel provoked him ,just wudnt leave him alone .but I also think daley might go further thn he did with rachel if provoked by a woman .he acts like a control freak .id be scared ;) x

  2. Lorraine Sneddon says:

    It was clear to me that this was play fighting that went too far but not for a minute do i believe Hazel was scared of him, infact she encouraged it. She has been relentless in her pursuit of Daley. I agree that Daley had to be removed from the house but i think Hazel should have followed him right out the back door

    • caz says:

      I disagree Hazel didn’t encourage it she pulled down his shorts to try to defuse the situation because Daley was already starting to “get funny”. Lets not forget who started the play fight in the first place, Daley! If you watch the disgusting footage again you will clearly see Hazels demeanour change, she grabbed him back by the throat before he pinned both arms and simulated dropping the nut on her. Hazel at this point had her legs raised to keep him off her, when Daley got up Hazel sat in the chair and again raised her legs into a foetal position typical defensive body language. Daleys’ behaviour should have been prosecuted! Simple!

  3. Christine says:

    Hazel was petrified! I don’t understand why he was given the privilege of air time on BBBOTS?! Emma however has disappointed me and Ive lost all respect for her! Daley was removed for a valid reason, his behaviour cannot be justified and he showed no remorse! This years show is appallingly disappointing and the fun of BB has diminished! I’m hoping the British public will stand by Hazel and show that it is not acceptable for women to be treated this way. I know the decent half of Britain will agree with me but the other half won’t. I guess now we’ll find out which half of the British public actually watch BB! :)

  4. Chris says:

    So it’s fair for hazel to aggress the whole thing and then play the injured party, wrong it’s all wrong, she should have kicked out too, and if bb really taught her safety was in danger, then they should of kept them in different rooms

  5. caz says:

    Everyone has said “it takes two” and they are right of course but Hazel is a very pretty SINGLE girl while Daley had a girlfriend it shouldn’t have mattered if the whole house came on to Daley he should have simply said no! It seemed all too easy for Daley to puts his hands on someone let alone a woman using threats of violence there is and can be no excuse ever! BB did exactly the right thing by removing Daley Hazel is a victim in all of this and he is lucky he hasn’t been prosecuted for assault!

  6. Shabang!!!! says:

    There is no way she pulled his trousers down to diffuse the situation as was said in a previous post. She thought it was funny, it was only after she did that she noticed that he was starting to switch as he felt disrespected and suggested along the lines of let’s hug it out. That was the point she realised it had got out of hand and only THEN she tried to diffuse the situation. What he did was totally out of order and he had to go but her behaviour that lead up to this incident was also unacceptable and it was right she received a formal warning.

    • caz says:

      Again I say watch the disgusting footage again by the time Hazel pulled down Daleys’ shorts he was already standing on her bed saying along the lines “Do you want me to kick off I don’t mean Im gonna hit you but you wont like it” She pulled his shorts down and they BOTH laughed which temporarily defused the situation and THEN offered to “hug it out” Daley then took back his quilt…what happened next there is no excuse for and is ASSAULT a criminal act. BB was right to give Hazel a formal warning because it was disrespectful, if Daley had left it to BB he would still be in the house!!!