Big Brother 2013: Wanna see Dexter Koh naked? No, nor do I, but Daley Ojuederie does! (VIDEO)

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As fans of Big Brother will know, Hazel O’Sullivan and Daley Ojuederie are nicely ensconced in BB’s safe house, from where they’re having fun issuing orders to their fellow housemates who’re in the main abode…

And last night, Daley decided it was time to call in a promise made by Dexter Koh, who’d said that if he survived eviction last week, he would streak around the garden!

And lo, being a man of his word, he did just that.

The naked fun began as Callum Knell – who was on the phone with Daley – told Dexter, “Daley and Hazel love you to bits, they’re really good friends to you…

“But you made a promise that if you were saved, you would streak round the garden.

“And he’s calling you on that right now.”

An amused Daley added, “We’re going to come out with our drinks and enjoy the show!”

daley big brother 2013

So, having stripped down to just a shy grin and a poster, Dexter declared “You’re all a bunch of w***ers” before honouring his promise.

Clinging to his bottom as though he feared something may fall out of it – eww – he streaked around the garden a few times while his housemates cheered him on.

Had I been there, it would’ve been to shouts of “Get ‘em on!” as he protected his modesty with his other hand.

dexter koh

Bless him. Say what you will about Dexter, at least he’s not a welcher!

Here’s a look at that and the rest of the recent house action…



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