Big Brother 2013: Was it right to remove Daley Ojuederie from the house? I think so, but Hazel O’Sullivan should go too! Here’s why… (VIDEO)

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As fans of Big Brother will know, housemate Daley Ojuederie was removed from the house yesterday after he was deemed to have been threatening and aggressive towards fellow housemate Hazel O’Sullivan.

Now, I have to say, when I first heard about this last night, I initially thought it was probably an overreaction brought about by the PC sensitivity that broadcasters are in constant fear of…

However, having now seen the video of the entire event, I agree that it was only right to remove Daley – though I don’t believe he intended Hazel any harm at all, but nonetheless that behaviour can’t be condoned – but I do think Hazel should’ve been taken out of the house too.

The reason being that it was she who initially instigated the whole sorry affair, and then, having been provocative in word and deed – to wit, she herself slapped Daley, pulled down his shorts and goaded him repeatedly – she cried victim.

hazel, daley, big brother 2013

Now surely, if she’d been made afraid of Daley’s behaviour at any point, she would, instead of continuing to goad him, have left the room or asked him to stop? But she didn’t, and as mentioned, continued to use provocative words and actions.

I’m not condoning Daley’s behaviour, but my point is simply this – Hazel was as much a factor in these events as he was, and should, I think, have been made to take as much responsibility for the outcome.

Now, I must just point out that these are my own personal views, not those of Unreality TV or its owners – as I expect some folks won’t like what I’m about to say – but something that angers me greatly, and which I consider to be a huge injustice in society in general, is that if a woman prompts, encourages or displays certain behaviour, in this case aggressive behaviour, she should not then claim to be an innocent victim, and should expect a backlash when it all hits the fan and her behaviour is reflected back at her by a man.

In this video, which details all the events that led to Daley being ejected from the house, you’ll see that Hazel goaded Daley repeatedly. And as mentioned above, she slapped him and pulled down his shorts…

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Daley’s reaction was without question menacing at times, and though I don’t honestly think that in his head, it was anything other than “play fighting” – which is what he told BB it was – Hazel’s decision to go into the Diary Room and claim she felt intimidated and “cornered” by Daley was wholly unfair in my opinion. And again, the reason that I believe her claim wasn’t necessarily genuine is that she continued to provoke and goad him throughout. Would a frightened person do that?

Even during the moments after Daley was seen putting his hand on Hazel’s neck, she was smiling, and when he made his “I’ll finish you” remark, she reared up and said, “I’d finish you quicker” while still laughing. Again, she did not seem frightened.

It rather much reminded me of a time when I myself witnessed a woman repeatedly hitting a man, and when that man finally hit her back, she cried victim. The specific incident to which I refer was a drunken one, and the woman in question threw objects at her boyfriend, threw a drink over him, hit him in the face and body several times and drew blood with her nails. Eventually, to stop her escalating the violence, he grabbed her wrists, held them for about ten seconds, then slapped one wrist lightly.

The woman in question called the police and charged her boyfriend with assault. He was covered in scratches and bruises, she though had none.

I can practically hear some readers saying, “It’s never right for a man to hit a woman” and yes, of course that has validity, but so too does “A woman should never hit a man.”

We women expect, and in the main get, equality in this day and age, so why is it that it’s still – or at least, often – deemed acceptable for a woman to behave aggressively to a man, but a man is considered to be the one in the wrong if he behaves in that way back to a woman? No act of violence or aggression is right or acceptable, but for me, that should have the addendum ‘regardless of gender’.

Now of course, the situation with Daley and Hazel was not and is not that extreme, however, as BB chose to remove Daley then I think they should’ve removed Hazel too…

If it had been one of the male housemates who pulled down a female housemate’s shorts – knowing they were naked beneath them – and slapped their bottom, they would’ve been booted. I have no doubt of that.

hazel o'sullivan

But what say you? Just in case you missed the link above to the video, here it is again.

Here’s a look at the latest videos from the house…



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12 Responses to “Big Brother 2013: Was it right to remove Daley Ojuederie from the house? I think so, but Hazel O’Sullivan should go too! Here’s why… (VIDEO)”

  1. BB fan in LA says:

    I think you’re spot on. Hazel definitely has equal culpability and should have been removed too. Their dance was a toxic little tango started, led, and enjoyed by her ego. Then Daley went too far in order to end it.

    Unfortunately, I feel like whole episode is reflective of an abusive and sick attitude I’ve felt on the part of BB and BBBOTS this year. There’s a sadistic element I don’t remember from previous years… No accident that an atmosphere of secrets, lies, fake housemates and exploitation (some tasks) has spiraled into a little S&M hand grenade. We voted them in there, right? After watching his girlfriend suffer in public? How sick are we? I’d stop watching but I’m thoroughly addicted. Not proud of that!

  2. granny di says:

    I do believe Hazel became a little scared but she instigated the whole thing. If she had any sense she would have given hm his duvet back and left him alone instead of trying to play up to him to get air time as she knew it would be shown. I just hope that now she’s playing the victim card the other housemates don’t feel sorry for her and don’t nominate her next week.She should have gone too.

  3. kerrie says:

    I blame her first and foremost. She shouldn’t have pulled his shorts down. She knew exactly what she was doing so she could play the victim. As for Daley the guy is an absolute tool. And goes to show big brother isn’t always a stepping stone to fame and popularity. Its double edged sword

  4. Mark says:

    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that there are women who are saying that “YES, in some situations it’s ok for a female to be treated this way”.

    It’s never ok!

    Yes, Hazel was being sexually provocative towards him, but at no point is that reasonably foreseeable that she would be pushed down by her throat (this is a fact, not a narration), and told she’d be “nutted”. This seemed totally out of character for Daley.

    I can’t help but feel many peoples views on this would be different if Hazel was an unattractive female. Can people not see past their own dislike for Hazel to make a genuine, unbiased opinion?

  5. Su Gold says:

    Wholly agree with Lynn. Hazel has instigated everything since she entered the bb house to be manipulative with others so as not to get nominated and to get airtime. She should definitely be removed as her behaviour in the safe house was on equal par in a different way to Daley. She is a very nasty b***h on the inside and if you look at her properly, especially without 6inches of war paint, you can see just how ugly she is on the outside too. She’s an attention *****, fame *****, money *****. But back on track, bb should get her out to show equality with Daley. Will be exxxxtremely disgusted with bb if she stays.

  6. susan says:

    I agree with everything that’s been said.As hazel started the carry on to begin with right from day one she,s been teasing him.No one deserves to be threatened but she slapped his first so its okay for her to slap him and pull his shorts down but when he does it that’s not ok.Had she given him the duvet back this would,nt have happened.When he was called to the diary room that’s when she moved to the the chair daly even commented asking her what was she doing,she was always one step ahead of him.She,s just a tease and should have been thrown out with him,i call that Sex Discrimination,there,s still time Big Brother.

  7. Karen bailey says:

    If you watch it Hazel was goading right up until BB asked Daley to come to the diary room. You see a moment of ‘o’ohhh’ and she switched to victim as she realised it had gone too far. He was wrong and she was wrong. She should have been kicked out too. She stole the cover, she pulled down his shorts and she slapped first. She realised she had made a mistake and is now going to use this as an opportunity for sympathy. She is very clever and highly manipulative which is working for her.

  8. Sim says:

    They are both to blame. He shouldn’t have done what he did but Hazel instigated it and encouraged the attention she was getting. Now that girl is playing the goody goody victim. They should have both been kicked out because:
    Daley slapped Hazel; Hazel slapped Daley.
    Daley said something about finishing her off; Hazel said she could do it quicker.
    Daley clasped his hand around Hazel; Hazel clasped her hand around Daley

    So it is Tit for Tat. These pair turned out to be the biggest twats of big brother this year. However this is not just their fault it’s stupid BB’s fault too, they shouldn’t have paired these twits together for the safe house, I mean these pair could have been paired with another housemate.
    Its harsh on just Daley being kicked out but Hazel too should go then it would be fair.

  9. Galia says:

    Hazel needs to go and sooner rather than later Daly was no match for her scheming GET HAZEL OUT NOW

  10. Lynsey says:

    Think it was an over reaction on bbs part! It was play fighting with sexual tension! Hazels playing the victim when she instigated it and now making everyone feel sorry for her.

    Daley is a boxer who is taught to controll his anger!

    Complete joke bb!

  11. Nic says:

    Get back to basics everyone, men and women and are equal that is what we have at fought for since the Victorian ages, so don’t let this woman think that she can be cat one instant and mouse the next. Men are genetically stronger (generally ) so they will win in a fight, but women are programmed to not fight but to love and protect and to build. Hazel wants the best of both worlds, but it has backfired massively.

  12. Lauren says:

    Most unfair on Daley – Hazel had been taunting him with her suedo-seductive ways since she set eyes on him – plus the producers naturally inflamed the whole scenario by isolating them in the not-so-safe house. Hazel is a minx and Daley responded by overreacting and it all made for a scary situation. I wonder actually whether the producers should consider reinstating Daley – not only would it give him a chance to prove himself etc., but it might also make Hazel show her true colours and would make fantastic viewing,
    as it all seems to have gone a bit flat lately.