Big Brother 2013: Wolfy Millington blasts Dexter Koh for coming on to sexy model Hazel O’Sullivan & she’s jealous of Gina Rio!

dexter koh, hazel o'sullivan

Wolfy Millinton blasted her fellow Big Brother housemate Dexter Koh last night.

The lesbian fisherwoman was disgusted with the self confessed sugar daddy of London when she heard him chatting up Irish model Hazel O’Sullivan and telling her that he and his girlfriend have agreed that he can hook up with someone on the reality TV show.

Wolfy asked Jack, Daley, Charlie, and Jackie:

“Just out of interest what does everybody think about Dexter coming on to Hazel.

Jack admitted that he had heard the conversation too and explained:

“He mentioned that he had a connection with her and how his girlfriend gave him a hall pass.”

Even womaniser Callum can’t understand how Dexter talked his girlfriend into agree with his cheating and confessed:

Dexter reacts to the nominations.

“Who gives a free pass, I don’t agree with it…”

Wolfy admitted:

“I’m a flirt but I would never do anything to disrespect my girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, later in the night Hazel had a heart to heart with some of the group and admitted that she isn’t comfortable about telling people she is a model.

She makes her living out of modelling lingerie but thinks socialite Gina Rio would make a better job of it than she does. She said:

hazel o sullivan

“Gina makes a better model than me. She’s a socialite, she wealthy and she goes out to clubs and she has management to send her out to those things. She’s probably an heir to something.”

Sophie continued:

“I don’t know who she is but she’s got 125,000 followers on Twitter.”

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