Big Brother 2013: Wolfy Millington is VERY upset with Charlie Travers & Hazel O’Sullivan over fat gate!

wolfy big brother 2013

On tonight’s Big Brother show Charlie starts a bit of a row when she reveals she is feeling fat having been in the house for nearly three weeks and her comments offend Wolfy.

The lesbian fisherwoman whips her belly out for her housemates and then rants at the 26 year old saying she doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

Charlie replies it’s ‘a personal feeling’ and spills the beans on an earlier she had an eating problem but Millington isn’t taking it and asks her not to use the word fat as she isn’t overweight.

Wolfy later rants:


“I’m really p*ssed off as people’s insecurities are effecting people in the house. Charlie and Hazel have dropped what I call the F-bomb a couple of times today which is the fat word. People use the word fat so loosely and that it has no consequences.”

Speaking to Big Brother the Big Brother housemate added:

charlie travers

“She (Charlie) always says the wrong thing at the wrong time and its grating on me. Dropping the F-bomb in front of people that are larger…I’m not insecure, I know I’m fat…but to say I may have put on a bit of weight is fair enough, but to say you’re physically fat is a mind f**k.”

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