Chanelle Hayes Attempts Suicide

Big Brother 8: Chanelle Hayes

Former Big Brother housemate Chanelle Hayes has reportedly attempted to commit suicide.

Hayes is said to have consumed a large amount of paracetamol and red wine after an argument with footballer boyfriend Matthew Bates.

A source told The Daily Star: “Chanelle has been having boyfriend troubles with Matt. They had been arguing a lot.

“She took the Paracetamol and red wine out of frustration at how badly things were going. She was in a terrible way.”

Neighbours have admitted that rows like this were not uncommon between the pair.

One said: “They have been having furious rows lately – you can hear the shouting from the street.

“It sounds like they’ve been having a pretty rough time.”

A spokesperson for Chanelle said: “We’ll be monitoring the situation and will be there for her as much as possible.”

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