Charlie Travers, Callum Knell, Hazel O’Sullivan & Gina Rio at the mercy of Big Brother’s remote control in new task!


For this week’s shopping task housemates are at the mercy of Big Brother’s remote control.

This remote control will pause, rewind, and fast forward housemates through their day.

In order to pass the task, all housemates have to do is obey the remote control – no matter what else happens.

Over the next two days, Big Brother will be sending in distractions to test the housemates’ resolve including a flock of sheep, a dance troupe and even family members.

Any failures to remain paused in the face of adversity, or failure to react to a remote control command will incur a fail. Housemates are allowed a pre-determined number of fails, which will be revealed at the end of the task.

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