Complaints Over Davina’s Treatment Of Makosi

Apparently Big Brother has received 450 complaints from viewers over Davina McCall’s treatment of Makosi on last Friday’s final.

The eviction night crowd at Big Brother has got tougher in recent years. Last Friday, Makosi was already unpopular for some of her antics in the house, and as she left the Big Brother house, the audience were extremely hostile toward her. Chants of “Liar! Liar!” and “Off! Off! Off!” were yelled at her throughout her interview with Davina.

In fact, Davina’s attitude seems to be at the root of the problem. Despite Makosi’s insistence that she was upset and distressed by the abusive crowd, Davina continued the interview regardless and even said “I can’t believe you’re showing no remorse!”

A number of web forums are urging people to make a complaint to Ofcom about how Makosi was treated. One poster at Digital Spy said:

I have just finished watching channel 4′s Big Brother and I am ashamed and disgusted by the impartiality shown by the presenter, Davina McCall to one of the contestants, Makosi. I felt she was very unprofessional and let her personal feelings for Makosi, get in the way of her job. Davina is supposed to be presenting the programme not be a moral judge! I’m also at a loss to the lack of consistency in her interviewing technique. For instance, Craig was clearly booed by the crowd but was soothed by Davina in his interview. Why wasn’t the same treatment afforded to Makosi? Why didn’t Davina intervene to quieten the crowd? These are just a few of the incidences that clearly showed Davina’s bias. I would please like a reply from you as I have been very disturbed by this event.

Entertainment Value

Love her or loathe her, Makosi was one of the most entertaining people in the Big Brother house this year. From her “secret task” on the very first night, the romp with Anthony in the pool, the ‘pregnancy scare’ to referring to herself constantly as Makosi, she (and possibly Derek) kept the show interesting. It’s funny how the viewers forget that BB is a television programme and a competition.

Isn’t it surprising that people will vote for dull-as-dishwater Anthony and not for someone as colourful as Makosi?

Was Davina Unfair?

I don’t think so. Makosi proved that she is a game player during her time in the Big Brother house, she was shrewd in her dealings with folk and not shy about speaking her mind.

Davina knows that the Big Brother contestants are in the competition for fame and fortune, and this year’s Big Brother is no exception. While Makosi would have faced a tough time on the night, it would only have lasted a few hours, then she’d be weighing up her options for interviews, TV shows, etc. Yes, Davina could probably have done a bit more to settle the crowd, but it all added to the drama of the experience – compare it to Anthony’s brief-but-dull interview.

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