Ant & Dec go undercover (as a cat?) and prank Jeremy Kyle for Saturday Night Takeaway!

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We all know that Ant and Dec love a good prank but the pair surpassed themselves when they tried to take on Jeremy Kyle in America for their hit entertainment show Saturday Night Takeaway.

In scenes that will air this evening, the pair pretended to be guests on Jezza’s US series. Ant dressed up as Howard the Health and Safety officer while Dec took on the role of ‘Mike’ a man so upset by the passing of his cat Smug, that he apparently had plastic surgery to make him look like his beloved late pet.

In an episode titled ‘My Husband’s Weird Plastic Surgery is Driving Me Away’ Jeremy met with Mike’s supposed wife, who explained that her husband had spent all their savings on cosmetic surgery and revealed that he not only uses a litter tray but also eats cat food out of Smug’s old bowl.

ant dec jeremy

Jeremy then introduced Mike (Dec) to the audience and proceeded to interview the purring celeb, having no idea who he really was.

A show source said: “Jeremy fell for it hook, line and sinker and was quizzing Mike like a normal show.

“It was only when the health and safety office put a net over him that he started to smell a rat.”

ant dec kyle

Of course Ant was the security officer and it was him that gave the game away. The giant net he used to capture Mike just wasn’t discreet enough!

We just love Ant and Dec but poor Mr Kyle!

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