Attraction, Luminites, Jordan O’Keefe, Alex Keirl & Alice Fredenham favourites to win Britain’s Got Talent 2013

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Despite weeks of auditions being shown, shadow dancers Attraction are still the bookies favourites to win Britain’s Got Talent when the love shows begin next month.

While acts such as Alex Keirl and Martin & Marielle impressed on the most recent episode of the ITV show, it hasn’t been enough to knock the Hungarian troupe off their top spot with bookies and Ladbrokes are still offering odds of 5/2 on the emotional performers taking the winner’s prize.

Funky band The Luminites are in second spot with odds of 9/1 and Derry born singer Jordan O’Keefe, who impressed the judges with his version of One Direction’s Little Things is in third place at 10/1.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “It’s going to take something huge for an act to contend with Attraction. We’ve never seen such a clear favourite at this stage of the competition before.”

alex keirl bgt

Alex Keirl is the best performing act of Saturday’s most recent show with William Hill quoting him as a 12/1 shot to win this years competition. But he finds himself well behind Attraction, who continue to dominate the competition and the betting.

“Alex is a contender but Attraction remain the act to beat,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


William Hill Britain’s Got Talent Betting Odds:

5/2 Attraction, 8/1 Luminites, 9/1 Jordan O’Keefe, 10/1 Richard & Adam, 12/1 Alex Keirl, 12/1 Alice Fredenham, 12/1 Robbie Kennedy, 16/1 Arisxandra Libantino, 16/1 Francine Lewis, 16/1 Jack Carroll, 16/1 Martin & Marielle, 40/1 J-Unity, 50/1 others

Ladbrokes BGT betting odds:

Attraction 5/2, Luminites 9/1, Jordan O’Keefe 10/1, Richard and Adam 12/1, Robbie Kennedy 12/1, Alex Keirl 14/1, Alice Fredenham 14/1, Martin & Marielle 16/1, Arixsandra Libantino 16/1, Jack Carroll 20/1, Francine Lewis 33/1, Aaron Crow 33/1, Shockarellas 40/1, Asanda Jezile 50/1, AJ and Chloe 50/1, J-Unity 50/1, McNasty 50/1

Who are you backing to win? Leave your comments below…

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7 Responses to “Attraction, Luminites, Jordan O’Keefe, Alex Keirl & Alice Fredenham favourites to win Britain’s Got Talent 2013”

  1. Sophie Langan says:

    Alice Fredenham or Arisxandra Libantino to win!

  2. ? says:

    Luminites to win its something different from the other winners cause the other winners are both classical opera and luminites are just amazing

  3. max says:

    Alice Fredenham to win! she has fans worldwide just look at her facebook!

  4. stan says:

    the BEST interpretation of that song I have EVER heard..
    SO MUCH better that she will influence every good singer from here on..
    Who cares about the contest-?
    SHE is the winner!!!!!!!

  5. JB says:

    I agree, Alice is the winner no matter what.

    Unfortunately, my cable system (Verizon FiOS) doesn’t carry ITV here in Richmond, Virginia. Maybe someone will stream the show. I can hope.

  6. Christian says:

    Attraction all the way. I am so sick of all these singers who just do the same thing we have seen a million times before. Go on X-Factor or The Voice. Attraction was stunning and beautiful to watch and very emotional with some of the best choreography I have ever seen, it was sheer genius and the song choice of Read All About was spot on. I am backing Attraction all the way.