Britain’s Got Talent Starts Tomorrow!

Britain’s Got Talent, ITV’s newest talent TV show launches tomorrow and this article contains some spoilers of the show ahead. You have been warned!

Day 1 Saturday 9th June 9.30pm ITV1 followed by Britain’s Got More Talent on ITV2

It’s the first of nine consecutive nights of unbelievable performers and auditions unlike anything you have ever seen before, all judged by Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan, who are all armed with the ultimate weapon… a buzzer.

Over the next nine nights Ant and Dec will be on hand as we scour the nation for Britain’s brightest new act. With over 50,000 applications there promises to be plenty of action and they are all competing for a truly incredible prize, the opportunity to perform in front of Her Majesty the Queen at this year’s Royal Variety Show, as well as walking away with a life changing £100k.

Word from the Judges:

Simon Cowell, “This is the only talent show open to any act of any age. But this is a huge responsibility for me, I could end up being beheaded!”

Amanda Holden, “I’ve been in show business for 20 years so I know how tough it is and I know what all the performers are going through. I was lucky enough to perform at the Royal Variety in front of the Queen which was such an honour and to be able to give that honour and dream to someone else is an amazing thing for me”.

Piers Morgan, “My credentials for judging this show is my journalist background, it was my job to find talent and get them on the front page and turn them into stars. I have met the Queen a few times and you cannot kid the Queen, she has watched years of Royal Variety performances and she knows good talent, we have to deliver by Royal Appointment.”

Rules of the show:

Each of the judges have a buzzer, when they have had enough of an act they hit their buzzer and a corresponding “X” will light up on the stage, once three X’s turn red it’s all over for the act and it’s time for the judges to deliver their verdict. Throughout the process the three judges choose who goes through to the next round but, when we get to the lie studio shows it is the viewers who will decide the ultimate winner.

An ashtray and a set of keys… is that a talent?

First up at the auditions in Cardiff, is David Williams, 66, who plays an ashtray with a key…. He’s been doing this for 25 years but when the judges hit their three buzzers within the first 30 seconds poor David looks slightly bemused. “Well what else did you expect?” quips Simon, “A little longer in honesty!” responds David.

So it’s not a great start, and even Ant backstage gets prepared to leave, “So that’s it Britain’s not got talent, shall we go home Dec?!” And as the day progresses in Cardiff there is a buzz off massacre in the theatre as act after act fails to impress, from men on unicycles wearing tutu’s to bad impressionist and comedians. But are things about to change?

That’s what he wanted, a performing monkey!

For one contestant, to perform in front of the Queen has been a life long ambition. Damon Scott, 27 from Wilts, has a unique act which he claims, “no one else in the world does”.

And as he pulls a monkey puppet from his case the Judges look like they don’t know what to make of it, but as the monkey performs away to Michael Jackson, even Simon is laughing is head off. “That’s what he wanted Dec, a performing monkey singing Michael Jackson songs” jokes Any back stage, “write this down Dec, this is the future for you and me!”.

After a standing ovation from the 2,000 strong live audience and rave reviews from the Judges, Damon really is on the road to realising his dreams of performing in front of the Queen. But Simon does joke that “It says a lot about the world today when I’m enjoying a monkey puppet more than Michael Jackson!”

Piano playing pig

One act really hoping to blow the judges away with his style, charisma and raw talent is Rupert the Piano Playing Pig….

Rupert, along with owner Katie, are hoping that their obstacle course routine, finished with Rupert playing the piano, will impress the judges enough to get through to the next round.

Piers and Amanda love the act, “my kids would love it and don’t worry about what Simon thinks he likes to be the most talented pig in the room!” says Piers, and Amanda is so taken with the pig she goes up for a closer look, “his hair’s just like your Simon!”.

But Simon is not impressed, “he doesn’t play the piano he just walks on it” “it’s a pig” shouts back the audience, “he’s not Stevie Wonder Simon, what were you expecting, his own composition?!” jeers Piers.

But has Katie and Rupert impressed the Judges enough to get through to the next round?

Pavarotti in disguise as a mobile phone seller?

For the next act, Paul Potts from South Wales, the world of show business seems a million miles away from his normal life as a mobile phone salesman. “By day I sell mobile phones but my dream is to spend my life doing what I feel I was born to do, sing Opera. But I really suffer with my confidence and I find situations like this really difficult.”

On first impressions, the Judges look less than impressed when Paul announces he’s going to sing opera, but as he starts bellowing out Nessum Dorma the judges faces light up, and Amanda is reduced to tears and the audience are on their feet.

“I was not expecting that Paul, that was fantastic” says Simon, “I think we have just found a piece of coal that could turn into a diamond” says Amanda.

Knives and nerves don’t go.

As the auditions head to Manchester first up to impress the judges is father and daughter knife throwing act Brian and Melanie Webber from Lancashire, other wise known as Little Firewater and White Dove.

But backstage with Ant and Dec, dad Brian’s nerves are more than visible and the boys look beside themselves with worry as Brian even finds it hard to hold a bottle of water his hands are shaking that much. “Is this legal” comments Ant “you are about to throw knives at your daughter in front of 2,000 people, will you be bale to hold it together?” “I hope so” says a worried Melanie, “I might as well start shaking because I could be dead by the sound of things!”

It’s not just Melanie that looks nervous, even the audience are hiding behind their hands as one knife after another fails to make its target and fly off around the stage and it’s not long before the Judges buzz out the act, for Melanie’s safety, “I had to stop you before you had an ex-daughter” says Piers, “I just saved your life Melanie” comments Simon.

And as the day progresses in Manchester one bad act after another comes in front of the judges, from less than impressive singers, a girl dressed as a cat in a dustbin, to a small boy who squeaks his ears, which is a skill Dec finds out he also has! And the mood of the judges is low, “If it carries on like this I might as well go back to America, so far the acts have been useless” moans Simon.

Can MD Productions, a 25 piece dance group all aged from 14-24 from Liverpool, brighten up the judges day?

“All we’ve ever wanted to do is dance” explains group spokesperson Phillipa Gregory, “this is our chance to show the world what we can do. Most of us have not been bought up in the best circumstances, but all our parents have supported us and backed us even when they haven’t got two pennies to rub together.” And their high energy dance routine gets the crowds going in the theatre and brings a smile back on the judges faces.

“You see that sign behind you, saying Britain’s Got Talent? Well you guys have certainly got talent” says Amanda.

Mini Peter Kay

Next up is one little guy with very big ambitions, eight year old Jake Pratt from Scarborough whose ambition is to be the next Peter Kay. And cheeky little Jake brings the house with his stand up routine.

“I actually prefer you to Peter Kay” says Simon and Piers says he’s “a real star to look out for in the future”

His secrets out.

While most performers can’t wait to show off their talent, one contestant has spent his whole life trying to keep his talent a secret.

Craig Womersley, 17 from Beeston in Leeds has been baton twirling since he was three and feels he was born into it because his Gran runs a local majorette troupe. But when Craig was 10 his Mum and Dad stopped Craig from twirling because they were worried that he would get bullied at school, but as his Gran explains, “I could take the baton from him, it was like taking a toy from a child and he just kept on twirling.”

Craig explains, “I want to show people what I can do and that’s twirling is not just for girls. There’s nothing wrong with it and it doesn’t change who I am and I’m just happy when I twirl. I’ve not told my parents I’m coming today, and they’ve no idea I am still twirling, I just hope I can make them proud” But will the judges, and the audience be impressed?

The judges are the first to admit they aren’t twirling experts, but all three are certainly impressed, and the audience obviously love it, giving him a standing ovation.

Piers, “I think, if you parents were here today I think they’d be very proud of you.”

And as Gran comes to join Craig on stage for the judges verdict there’s not a dry eye in the house, and Craig hopes his parents will at last be proud of him.

That’s it from Manchester and Cardiff, tomorrow night (Sunday 10th June), there’s more madness as the auditions hit Birmingham and with dogs driving cars, cats dragging Ant and Dec around the studio, and budgies flying everywhere it promises to be another fun packed night of entertainment.

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