Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Maxxie Oliver IS Lady Gaga (VIDEO)

Glamorous drag singer Maxxie Oliver makes his Britain’s Got Talent debut tomorrow night, dressed in just a red balcony bra and a pair of Bridget Jones knickers!

Before singing he tells the judges:

“When I dress up as Lady Gaga I feel beautiful and I just feel like her. I feel I am Lady Gaga not Maxxie.”

He then launches into a very unique Lady Gaga medley.

Maxxie quickly wins the audience’s support but head judge Simon Cowell is not convinced.

He says:

“Maybe when you first appeared on stage there could have been a little bit of confusion between you and Lady Gaga. And then you started singing. The singing just got worse as it went along. It was just awful, awful, awful. Furthermore, if we’ve already got Lady Gaga why do we need you?”

Fellow judge Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan were loving the act though and Amanda contradicted Simon saying: “I thought that was hilarious for all the right reasons.” Piers added: “The audience I’m afraid, Simon, were with Lady Gaga right here.”

Simon despairingly concludes: “Do you know, I actually feel like we’re on different shows today, Piers.”

The audience go gaga for Maxxie but has he done enough to change Simon’s mind and earn himself a place in the next round?

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