Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Final Results: Who won? Jai McDowall!

Jai McDowall Britain's Got Talent


Well there we have it folks. This year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent has come to an end and Jai McDowall has been crowned the worthy winner. He will perform on the Royal Variety Show later this year and walks away with the £100,000 prize money.

In the earlier show some people really stepped things up and brought their act to another level – think Ronan Parke, Jai McDowall and Razy Gogonea – but some performers let nerves get the better of them and really disappointed us with their below par performances. We were particularly let down by New Bounce’s song choice and Jean Martyn’s awful singing.

On the results show Ant and Dec took a slightly different approach as they announced the public’s decision and revealed their identities, in the order of how many votes they attracted. So starting with tenth place, here is how the artists ranked:

10: Jean Martyn
9: Les Gibson
8: James Hobley
7: Steven Hall
6: Paul Gbegbaje
5: Michael Collings
4: Razy Gogonea
3: New Bounce
2: Ronan Parke
1: Jai McDowall

On hearing the news, young Ronan said:

I’ve loved it. I’d like to say thank you to everyone that voted. Thank you so much. Congratulations Jai as well.

An elated but shocked looking Jai stammered:

It’s absolutely amazing, absolutely fantastic.

Simon Cowell gave his opinion on Jai’s triumph saying:

He nailed the song, he came in believing he could win. I always trust the public’s decision and I think he’s a worthy winner.

But Amanda Holden was more subdued and disappointed for young Ronan. She admitted:

I’m thrilled for Jai, this is a massive night for him but I have to say that I wanted Ronan to win.

Did you agree with tonight’s result? Did your favourite win? Leave your comments below!

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17 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Final Results: Who won? Jai McDowall!”

  1. Katy says:

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  2. Fiyah says:

    i have to say I was hoping for an upset so Congrats Jai! you sneaked in there.

    Amanda Holden you always know the wrong thing to say.

  3. Paula says:

    Worthy winner, loved Jai from his very first auditon, very humble, nice and brilliant voice.

  4. Max King says:

    Wow, the Tartan mafia still out in force I see.

    Please Scotland, get independence so we do not have to put up with your block voting again.

    Also the media hate campaign clearly hurt Ronan’s chances. Razy was amazing though.

    • Katy says:

      Excuse me, but it’s not England’s Got Talent. It’s Britain’s Got Talent. I’m happy for Jai!

      I am not Scottish btw.

      • Scoots says:

        I agree. Not a scot, but (unless I missed something) the population of England is a lot more than that of Scotland, so should have been outweighed (if we follow this “reasoning”!). Also, isn’t SuBo a scot? Yet SHE didn’t win… Simple fact is, someone you didn’t want to win DID win. Boohoo. Get over it. Cowell will have to as well, judging by his expression & comments. Am I alone in thinking, watching “More Talent”, that their agenda seems to be to take as much away from Jai as possible? Most of the comments and attention have been on the manufactured, heavily groomed & favoured 2nd place holder, rather than the actual winner. Oh how he hates it when the public don’t do as they are told!!

  5. vapushmat says:

    great result the british public didnt fall the lets vote for the cute kid trick as mr cowell and his crew wanted we voted for the nice guy with a great voice well done

  6. Scoots says:

    Song title is “To where you are”, a Josh Groban song. Chosen for him, no doubt coincidentally, as Simon let slip it’s a favourite of his. A very, very talented & worthy winner.

  7. Norn irish says:

    Judges totally ignoring that jai was voted winner. All they can talk about is ronan. They are the bad loosers shame on them. We like Jai and we lOve his voice THATs why he won. Scoots-totally agree with u.

  8. Max King says:

    English people vote fairly, but as the judges said, I’m sure all of Scotland will vote for you. England is the only country that doesn’t get solidyly behind the English acts, because there are so many English acts. It’s easier for Scotland to just vote for 1, than England to vote for 8 or 9. Scotland is known for voting in a block in everything, in X factor, in Big Brother, in Britain’s Got Talent, even outside of reality tv, in the general election. Scots all vote in a block and go the same way, and vote for their own.

    Leon Jackson won X factor, because Scotland got behind him and were a bigger influence than Wales for Rhydian. David Cameron failed to win a majority overall despite a majority in England and Wales, because Scotland disproportionately voted for Gordon Brown, one of their own.

    And tonight, Ronan didn’t win because Scotland overwhelmingly voted for Jai as the judges predicted.

    Scotland please leave!!! The funny thing is majority of Scot’s don’t want independence, but the majority of English want them too.

    Susan Boyle didn’t win because there was a similar hate campaign towards her. Ronan will go on to be much more successful, and will eclipse Jai in no time. Scotland, you may have won the battle, but you have not won the war.

    • I agree totally and even suggested to a friend this would happen

    • Fiona says:

      There should be neither a battle or a war going on. This was a result of Scots voting for their favourite act – and yes, national pride is an important factor in that. That’s it – simple. Don’t read too much into it – we are not at war; it was not a tactical campaign designed to annoy the English. Scots are a nation – a strong nation with a well-defined sense of identity and a strong community. Of course we will support our own people – because we are proud of them.

  9. Leigh-Anna says:

    I love Ronan to pieces, and I don’t think the media attention helped, but Jai and Ronan both have amazing voices. I think it was wrong that Simon and Amanda publicly “rooted” for Ronan so much that they took credit away from the other acts, but that’s their fault not Ronan’s.

    I’m perfectly happy that Jai won. I think that he was not the only act that deserved to win, but he did very well, so congratulations.

    I have no idea what Stephen Hall was up to, but I am in no doubt that he should not have been in the final.

    In my opinion, from first to last, it should have been; Jai/Ronan, Jai/Ronan, New Bounce, Paul/Michael, Paul/Michael, Razy (thought he was awesome, but didn’t like the final performance), James, Les, Jean, Stephen.

  10. Max King says:


    Why couldn’t Jai enter X factor???

  11. Traci Jackson says:

    I agree with Leigh-Anna because I liked Ronan, but I don’t think all the attention should be on him when Jai has won.

    Okay, so population and voting wise, a lot of Scottish people could have voted for Jai because he’s Scottish, and I wouldn’t be surprised. However, Jai has talent.

    Jean – she can’t sing, but she had fun and her organ/keyboard playing was pretty cool.

    Stephen – how the heck did he get into the final?!! Not talented in his act, just strange.

    James – bless him. He did so well and I admire him for getting past everything and going after his dream.

    Les – yes, some of his impersonations need work, but he did very well on the most part.

    Paul – his fingers kind of worried me at first because they are bent, but his piano playing is astonishing.

    Michael – he seems lovely, and talented. The judges were wrong to try and make a joke out of him in the first audition. I never thought he was good enough to win this time, though. But I liked him.

    Razy – nice guy. Shockingly flexible, but after you’ve seen his moves, he can’t seem to change them much, and I didn’t like the fire trick either…

    Jai – sensitive guy. Fantastic voice. Not too surprised he won. Well done.

    Ronan – the “cutie” of the bunch. He could be pretty famous soon, but it was Jai’s moment and the judges were wrong to concentrate on Ronan, but not his fault. The power in Ronan’s voice is incredible for his age and he sings so wonderfully.

    New bounce – good kids. Talented. Needs work, but still good. Disappointing final performance, but they kept going. I can see these kids getting somewhere. Especially because of the Jackson 5 resemblance…

    They are my opinions. I don’t think anyone should hate on Ronan or Jai, especially because of their nationality!!

    • Rscl says:

      @Traci: i like ur detailed comments abt all the finalists :) I love both Ronan and Jai as well. But I think Jai is a worthy winner and I actually hoped he would win even since I watched his audition performance :D he’s so nice so humble and has a wonderful voice. totally deserved to win :) but i do have to say Ronan is absolutely my favourite, and this kid is really a gentleman. love so much when he said congratulations to Jai and praised him a lot. wat a nice kid and talented as well :D but i think watever the result is, Ronan has already been famous and he will continue to be very successful for sure :) I love Jai & Ronan they’re the best!!! :X:X:X

  12. Meee! says:

    Why Couldnt Ronnan winn!!:( ILoveURonnan!!xxx