Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Semi Finals: Steven Hall’s ‘tongue in cheek’ routine impressed some of the judges….(VIDEO)

Steven Hall made his big Britain’s Got Talent return this evening.

The boring looking telecommunications engineer stunned the audience and judges with his comedic and energetic dance routine at the audition stages, but then he had the element of surprise on his side and tonight, we weren’t sure that he’d be able to replicate his earlier success.

Hall was wearing a fetching yellow shirt tonight and looked slightly less grey when he started off by dancing to Shakira’s World Cup anthem ….. lets just say there was a LOT of hip and butt action during the segment. He then showcased some Egyptian moves and his Cheerleading dance to ‘Mickey’ was a sight to behold. Also thrown into the mix was a bit of Jai Ho by the Pussycat Dolls and a big gong, marking the end of the routine.

Amanda Holden thought it was ‘better than the audition’ and although it was all very ‘tongue in cheek’ she thought Steven was a ‘really good dancer.’

Simon Cowell confessed that he ‘did actually enjoy’ Hall’s ‘compelling’ act and added that he thinks the ‘public are probably going to like’ Steven.

The Hoff found it ‘entertaining’ but didn’t think Steven deserved a place in the final. He thought the act would be better placed on Youtube than on Britain’s Got Talent.

Thankfully for Steven, Michael McIntyre disagreed. He found the whole thing ‘so entertaining’ and said that Steven Hall may be the person who can ‘equal Diversity.’

Did you enjoy Steven’s act tonight? Would you like to see him in the final? Go on….pick up the phone and afterwards make sure to leave your comments below.

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