Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Hope Murphy says Pete Waterman’s comments about her size “didn’t hold me back”

On last night’s BGT, we met 16 year old Hope Murphy, who – despite Simon Cowell throwing her off her stride by insisting she change her song choice – wowed the judging panel and the audience with a rendition of This Woman’s Work.

However, this wasn’t Hope’s first attempt to break into the music business, and she once worked with Pete Waterman – who lists among his credits Kylie Minogue’s music career – who told her she was too fat to make it in her chosen career.

But despite the harsh nature of Waterman’s remarks, Hope says she doesn’t harbour any ill feeling towards him.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Hope said, “I did some songwriting with him and he said he thought I had potential and he wanted to see how I would handle different circumstances in the studio.”

But she added, “He said my weight might affect me being an artist. He never said it in a horrible way – he just said it was best for me as an artist.”

And although Hope has suffered years of bullying at school over her size, she added, “What Pete said hasn’t held me back. It’s constructive criticism you have to take on board.

“Working with him was a brilliant opportunity which made me more aware of the music industry.

“I am going to keep healthy because it will make be a better performer.”

And Hope concluded, quite rightly, that if you’re talented enough, your size or what you look like won’t be an obstacle.

She said, “Adele has been a massive inspiration because she is a bigger girl who has done well.

“I don’t think anyone pays attention to her weight because she is so talented.”

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