Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Singers Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli through to final shows but may quit!

Jonathan Antoine may have to quit Britain’s Got Talent after falling ill it has been confirmed.

The teenager opera singer wowed the judges at his audition earlier this year, when he and his singing pal Charlotte Jaconelli sang for Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon. He was dubbed the new Susan Boyle, however it seems that the 17 year old may not be able to continue in the competition.

The final 45 acts have not yet been revealed, however it seems that Jonathan and Charlotte have made it through but it was reported in today’s newspapers that Jonathan has fallen ill with the flu and may have to pull out this week.

“Jonathan looked terrible. He has been knocked for six by flu,” an insider told The Sun.

It was be a huge problem for show bosses if the duo pulled out of the competition, because they have been favourites to win the series ever since their audition was broadcast.

If Jonathan was to quit it is unlikely that Charlotte would be allowed to continue alone, since Simon Cowell wanted him to drop her after his tryout.

Britain’s Got Talent returns to our screens tonight, at 8.30pm. At the end of the final audition show the finalist for 2012 will be revealed, so check back later for a full list of all the acts..

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6 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Singers Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli through to final shows but may quit!”

  1. sam worden says:

    Oh, come on! Just more BGT drama.

  2. Scott Keller says:

    BGT should give the couple a pass on the first round. I think since they’ve earned a spot as THE favorite, they’d get away with waiting until Jonathan recovered. Either way, the couple will probably get offers.

  3. benher10 says:

    They should give him a chance to get better before going on to the next show.

  4. Shani says:

    Please please can Jonathan and Charlotte be in the live final and they should sing the prayer!

  5. BanditQueen says:

    Glad that they were able to sing live in the semi finals and great that Charlotte did not take any notice of Simon Cowell. Their voices are great and they well deserve to be in the final and to win the competition. Hope Johnathan gets better. He is very brave after having to quit school because of moronic remarks by jealous teenagers who have no right to be on earth yet alone call people names. Good on these lovely singers for rising above that and finding and pursing a dream. You deserve to be in the final and you deserve to win. Good luck. YNWA

  6. RsH says:

    They are both well qualified operatic voiced singers, and both will do well either together or separately. She is a great soprano and he has a wonderful tenor or baritone [I'm not sure which] and when they sign together their voices match very well, adding quite a bit of colour to the overall song, be it an aria or some other choice of music. I wish them well in the finals, and suspect they will be the odds on favourites to win. At this point it will all depend on their song choice and how well they deliver it. After all, their main competition is a bit of a dog.