Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Singer Ryan O’Shaughnessy angered The Voice of Ireland by auditioning for their show and BGT

In tonight’s edition of BGT, we’re to meet singer Ryan O’Shaughnessy, who, in a bid to crunch numbers and figuring he’d score somewhere, signed up for The Voice pf Ireland AND Britain’s Got Talent…

However, earlier this month, when The Voice of Ireland’s producers discovered Ryan – who played Mark Halpin in soap Fair City for nine years – had auditioned for BGT, they were not impressed.

One of the show’s bosses, Larry Bass, said, “We weren’t aware of anything about Britain’s Got Talent until the day of the first live shows.

“I’m sure that they must have been just as p***ed off as us when they found out about it…

“Ryan had signed our contract first and we told him he was obliged to sing with us, even though he had progressed in Britain’s Got Talent.”

But the Sun adds that “crisis was unexpectedly averted” when coach Brian Kennedy booted Ryan off the show on the first night.

Bass added, “Brian knew nothing about anything that was going on with BGT and, if he had chosen to keep Ryan in, he would’ve had to continue with us or face legal consequences.

“We could have taken it further but I wouldn’t want to do that. I think he has learned a valuable lesson — he backed two horses probably never knowing that they could both come in.

“If Ryan had progressed further on the Voice it could have been a huge problem as the airing of Britain’s Got Talent would have caught up with us.

“Although Ryan is over 18, he’s still young and I spoke to his dad about everything. These things happen — not that often — but they do happen.

“I don’t know how far Ryan progresses on Britain’s Got Talent but he is a talented singer.”

As mentioned, we’ll see Ryan’s BGT audition tonight.

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10 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Singer Ryan O’Shaughnessy angered The Voice of Ireland by auditioning for their show and BGT”

  1. Marc Baker says:

    Oh, please. Get over yourselves. You play with people’s lives for our ‘amusement’ not to mention your PROFIT. He is a talented young man who is trying to give himself the best chance of succeeding in what is a very cutthroat business. Good on you Ryan, they wouldn’t think twice about dropping you so you go for it son.

  2. Seán says:

    Goes to show the superiority of BGT to that Irish crap. Brian Kennedy haasn’t a clue what he’s on about. Should be taken off the air like some other RTÉ made programmes. Fair play to Ryan.

  3. Staffie says:

    Bressis slated him on his first audition and Brian Kennedy dropped him like a hot potatoe – I hope they are both kicking themselves now beacuse this guy will go places.

  4. Kate says:

    I did not see the Voice but I did see you on BGT, I hope you go all the way. You have a really nice voice, you are a good song writer and you have the drive to want it…How can anyone just punish you for keeping your options open. If you are not a member of IMRO yet, you might need to think about joining as I think this song has the potential to make you money : )

  5. Ronan says:

    As often happens, Ireland’s loss is Britain’s gain. Simon Cowell knows a lot more about the music industry than Brian Kennedy. Kennedy made the most incomprehensible idiotic decision of The Voice which showed up his limited abilities when it comes to talent recognition, mentorship and music management. Ryan O’Shaughnessy has a bright future ahead of him. I do not think it would be an exaggeration to say that Ryan displays the level of musical ability of a young George Michael. RTE should stick to restoring its reputation and not engage in petty sour grapes. Go Ryan. Follow your dream and make us proud.

  6. Kat says:

    None of the judges wanted Ryan on the team
    so he tried out for BGT
    Big Deal! Now he has no chance of winning

    I blame it on The Voice and BGT team!

  7. Marian Fitzpatrick says:

    Personally I think he’ll do better on BGT – it is a far better produced show with a higher audience viewing population & we just need both the Irish & UK public to support him – that’s if they like original music and a great singer!? Course they do! Secondly, I don’t think folk should not be legally tied to two or more tv talent competitions – they should be encouraged & wished the best of luck in what they’re trying to achieve.. Good luck Ryan!

  8. Dave says:

    He was kicked off “The Voice of Ireland”
    He has “NO” chance of winning BGT, people have long memories. (cheat)

  9. laura says:

    He is such a cheater! he knew he would not get far on the voice so he thought he would hedge his bets else where! I think he should be kicked out of both and I don’t think he can sing. On another note, I don’t think singers should be allowed on bgt … that’s what x factors for!

  10. Anne D says:

    I hope this wee guy makes a success of his life. So he tried to manipulate the situation in his favour. He’d be a fool not too. He’s talented and hopefully his appearance on BGT will raise his profile. He wouldn’t win it, there are better performers, but it won’t do him any harm. Marc Baker is spot on