Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Stuart Crout gets four buzzes despite inventing a Kazookeylele (VIDEO)

Stuart Crout is just one of the crazy acts that was featured on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent show.

The 22 year old musician, runs his own recording studio and as part of his work, invented a brand new instrument….the Kazookeylele.

He explained it’s makeup to Amanda Holden, saying:

“It’s a third kazoo, a third ukulele and a third baby grand piano and I have shortened to Kazookeylele.”

However, though the instrument looked impressive, it seems the judges just weren’t impressed and all four buzzed Stuart before his song finished.

Afterwards, David Walliams said:

‘I just don’t see it becoming a global act.

Simon Cowell added:

‘Well there is a reason that instrument doesn’t exist…’

Did you enjoy Stuart’s Kazookeylele playing? Did the judges make a mistake? Leave your comments below…

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