Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Who is performing on tonight’s first semi final? We have the list!

Britain’s Got Talent moves into it’s live stages on Sunday night and we have the full list of acts you can expect to see on the first semi final of the series.

After hundreds of acts were whittled down to just 44 and on tomorrow night’s live show, nine will take to the stage and perform for the judges once more and this time, also for the public vote.

Two acts from each live show will win a place in the grand final every night.

Competing on tonight’s show are:

Sugar Dandies [Bradley and Soren]

Lauren Thalia

Zipparah Tafari

Jive Aces


Rachel Knowland

Analiza Ching

Ashleigh and Pudsey

Only Boys Aloud

What do you think of tonight’s lineup? Who do you think will shine and who is definitely going to be eliminated? Leave your comments below…

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5 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Who is performing on tonight’s first semi final? We have the list!”

  1. Kate says:

    The best act by far is Only Boys Aloud – they haven’t had as much press coverage as the other acts, but then they aren’t like any of the other acts. There are thousands of singers out there, thousands of dance troupes, but I’ve never seen anything like them. Simon Cowell said he was looking for an act to take to Vegas – they’d storm Vegas, there’s nothing like them!

  2. Kat says:

    This line up is wrong. The Mend are on Sundays show.

  3. Debs says:

    Only Boys Aloud should win….dog probably will.

  4. Harold says:

    Only Boys Aloud and Pudsey and Ashleigh

  5. sylvia hetherington says:

    Only Boys Aloud should win on Sunday, not only do they have talent, but it is so good for their morale, they have worked hard and are passionate about what they do and they shoud be given a chance, so many of the acts are just appalling! As for an act with a dog – what rubbish!! do people think the queen wants to watch that and anyway she only likes corgies!!