Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Who’s performing on tonight’s show? Cascade, Paige Turley, Graham Blackledge, The Showbears

Britain’s Got Talent returned to our screens for it’s live semi finals last night and over the course of the two hour long live special, we were wowed by the likes of The Jive Aces, Lauren Thalia and The Mend. It was an action packed episode.

This evening the series returns to ITV1 for the second live episode of the series and we have the full list of the acts who will be taking to the stage.

As always, only two of the hopefuls can succeed and through the results of the public votes and the final say of the judges, two acts will progress to the grand finale.

Returning to the spotlight tonight will be:


Paige Turley

Karizma Krew

Graham Blackledge

Kai & Natalia

Michael Fish – Fish on Percussion

The Showbears

Four Corners

Charlotte & Jonathan

Who do you think can make it through to the final and who has been added by the judges as pure fodder, sure to get eliminated this evening? As always, leave your comments, views and opinions below…

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5 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Who’s performing on tonight’s show? Cascade, Paige Turley, Graham Blackledge, The Showbears”

  1. Maleeha says:

    i think the mend should have got through and i wish they win the wildcard and win britans got talent 2012 xxx

  2. Maleeha says:

    BTW Craig you have a fantastic voice and Chris i love you your really fit and your a amazing rapper and jay and dean your voices complement Craig’s voice really niceley well done.

  3. Gav harrison says:

    the mend should have been on the x factor,right to acts went through,ashley and pudsey to win

  4. Simone says:

    I think (and hope) Charlotte and Jonathan will win. I really like Four Corners for second, although I think Cascade is also very good. Others have a chance, but I don’t think Graham or the Showbears really do.

  5. Gun-Britt in Stockholm says:

    Charlotte and Jonathan move all of us with their increbile beautiful voices. And you really show what good friendship means. I would like to wish both of you all the best for tonight. You are amazing!