Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Attraction accused of ‘copying’ The Silhouettes & Johnson brothers Richard and Adam accused of faking amateur status!

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As fans of Britain’s Got Talent will know, ‘shadow dancers’ Attraction wowed the judges and the audience with their moving and amazing audition which aired during the debut show of this year’s series…

However, while the judges branded them “unique” and “totally original”, they’ve been accused of “copying” American act, The Silhouettes, who appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2011.

In addition, opera singing brothers Richard and Adam Johnson have been accused of faking their amateur status as it’s been revealed they’ve worked on cruise ships – spot the déjà vu over the Christopher Maloney X Factor debacle – and have released an album.

But first, of the brouhaha over Attraction, a telly insider told the Daily Mail, “Attraction was presented as being unique, but one search on YouTube makes it obvious that this was a concept pioneered by someone else.”

However, a Britain’s Got Talent source said, “We don’t deny Attraction are a similar act to The Silhouettes.

“But that couldn’t stop them auditioning.”

the silhouettes america's got talent 2011

The ‘copying’ accusation does seem quite ludicrous to me! After all, there have been dozens of singers, comedians, animal acts etc., so did they all ‘copy’ the act before them?

Anyway, moving on now to the Richard and Adam debacle, and again, the Mail states, “Far from being amateurs, the brothers have spent the past year performing at venues around the country and singing on P&O cruises.

“They even released an album after being talent-spotted by legendary record producer Gordon Lorenz, who compared them to his former protégé Charlotte Church and branded them the ‘Panini Pavarottis’.”

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And of course, this mirrors remarks made about singer Alice Fredenham and impressionist Francine Lewis, both of whom have had to fend off accusations of being dishonest about their professional history.

However, what seems to escape critics of BGT’s acts year on year is that it is open to anyone, irrespective of their former success – or otherwise – in their chosen field.

And the fact is, with regard to Richard and Adam – and as they told me during a recent interview – they DO work in their parents’ sandwich shop! As to their album, it was self-published, and if we make an analogy with a book for instance, a self-published novel does not make the author a bestselling writer…

Ok so they’ve done other singing work, which they admit and aren’t trying to hide, but as they explained to me, they haven’t – as yet – achieved a level of success that means they can permanently walk away from their day jobs.

So personally, I don’t think it matters one iota that they’ve worked on cruise ships before, and I said the same – and stick to it, despite the fact he turned out to be perhaps not the person I thought he was when I met him – about Chris Maloney.

But what say you? Do you think the rules on BGT should be changed to rule out anyone who’s ever had even moderate success in showbiz before?

For now, here’s a look at the aforementioned The Silhouettes followed by Attraction’s audition…

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2 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Attraction accused of ‘copying’ The Silhouettes & Johnson brothers Richard and Adam accused of faking amateur status!”

  1. XFF says:

    I don’t think there’s any problem with acts who have previously enjoyed some success entering, as they are perfectly entitled to do so, but I think they should be encouraged to be more open about their level of experience from the off. We were lead to believe that Francine Lewis had done nothing since becoming a Mum, when in actual fact she was on TV last year! It’s always the same with Cowell’s shows, things are never quite what they originally seemed. The public, without a doubt, buy into these people’s stories, and then you finish up just feeling mugged off when the truth inevitably comes out.

  2. Mandy says:

    I think there needs to be more honesty about who people really and what their experience so far is. I don’t think the public would judge them unfairly personally I would see it as a sign that an act really wants to be make a success of themselves. I don’t for one minute think that all of these acts play down their achievements themselves though. I think that is mostly done by BGT so that people at home can genuinely believe that they can enter and win! After all if joe public who’s never really performed to a real audience doesn’t enter then most of the novelty/bad acts that make good tv wouldn’t exist.

    The problem is now with so much information available on the Internet it eventually comes out what these acts have actually done in the past. Instead of it being seen as BGT manipulating what we know about each act it’s seen as if they are deliberately misleading the voting public and can be detrimental to the act themselves as far as their chances of winning BGT.

    As far as saying Attraction copyed another act from America. Does that really matter? It was a beautiful and emotional piece. We haven’t said that Francine Lewis has copied Faith Brown because she is an impressionist what’s the difference? Very few acts are conetsly new but Attraction have taken a form of performance and made it their own. I could have tried to copy the act on Americas Got Talent with my family but trust me it would have been cringeworthy not breathtaking!!