Britain’s Got Talent 2013: David Walliams spoon feeds Simon Cowell at London auditions!

david walliams, simon cowell

David Walliams really is getting to explore all his fetish tendencies during the auditions for this week’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

We revealed earlier this week that the Little Britain star enjoyed himself immensely when he convinced Simon Cowell to take to the stage and let a contestant lap dance for him at the London tryouts. His day got even better when he decided to perform his sexiest routine for the music mogul, along with the wannabe.

Yesterday he, SiCo, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon hot footed it back to the London Palladium for another session of auditions and this time Walliams practiced his daddy skills on his boss.

Walliams revealed on Twitter that he spoon fed the big haired TV boss, writing:

“I just spoon fed @SimonCowell ice-cream…!”


We bet Simon loved that, especially after the dad to be had already teased him earlier in the week about his plastic surgery, and his bad timekeeping in front of hundreds of onlookers.

It was another long day of sitting around, waiting for Simon to turn up and then for his makeup team to proclaim him ready for the cameras, so David was glad when he was provided with a very welcome distraction.

david walliams dog

He managed to bring his gorgeous dog Bert to the venue and between auditions petted the pooch on his knew. Walliams shared a picture on Twitter with the caption:

“My boy came to BGT…! ”

Fans and audience members seemed to enjoy seeing the pup too and one tweeted:

“Had a great time at #BGT today David was so funny, he had his wife nephew and his dog there today xx”

How cute! How much do you love David and Simon’s dynamic? Leave your comments below…

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