Britain’s Got Talent 2013 Glasgow audition spoilers: Fans furious at Simon Cowell over pole dancer Tiff Finney & Elite band snub

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As we are all aware, a lot of people were angry at the Scotish part of the Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

Not just for Simon Cowell’s lateness (more on this later) but also because of his bad decisions.

Most of the acts, including a sward swallower were not that great. Then there was a band, that was, according to most the best act of the day. Elite, a brilliant band, who were swiftly backed by the audience after the judges decided they weren’t half as impressed.

When stripper and pole dancer Tif Finney did win Cowell’s approval, David Walliams said it was too sexy for a family show, with most of the audience agreeing. When Simon insisted it was ok, David proceeded to rub his bum against the head judge asking to be spanked. Further highlights included Little Eye, a 77-year-old tap dancer, a rugby style dancing dog, Wee Slick, 4 male dancers an elephant and a bunny and a 17-year-old with a marvellous singing voice. Attendees will also remember “milk the sausage”. There was also an audience member that got up to swear at the acts, causing a lot of commotion. Simon kissing David on the shoulder and hugging him also generated a big cheer.

simon david

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just Amanda Holden and David Walliams who were angry with Simon Cowell for his lateness at the Glasgow auditions. The fans too were furious with the judge for turning up THREE hours late yesterday. Twitter was flooded with furious messages aimed at the music mogul for not showing up and letting the audience stand outside in the icy rain and cold until he arrived. What really angered them was that once he arrived he did not even give the fans a second glance but entered the venue at a brisk pace. When word got out that the reason the auditions didn’t get underway on time, was because Simon had been in the bath, the audience was furious. David Walliams however braved the weather to talk to the fans, shake their hands, take pictures and give hugs. He tried to boost the morale, but even he wasn’t able to get the fans in before Cowell. This, of course is a strange rule, what does Cowell gain from letting his audience freeze outside until he arrives. He knows that he won’t be there in time and will only anger people. It seems strange to us.

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He has probably angered heavily pregnant Lara Stone too, as David’s wife and little dog Bert had accompanied David to Scotland. The couple had made a weekend of their trip (arriving on Friday). They were seen by most of the Scottish public out on the town shopping and taking in the views. She would have probably enjoyed a comfy flight to and from home on Mr Cowell’s plane.

This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

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49 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2013 Glasgow audition spoilers: Fans furious at Simon Cowell over pole dancer Tiff Finney & Elite band snub”

  1. lewis macfarlane says:

    I know the girl in elite they are amazing dont give up

  2. ** says:

    They are amazing. They go to my school

  3. Davie says:

    The Elite were robbed of a place, best act of the day, two young very gifted kids. Amanda you should hang your head in shame going withe Simon instead of the 4000 cheering Scots who will no doubt boycot BGT

  4. Jean says:

    Simon….What does a standing ovation are so frightened that The Elite could have won this coz the Scots vote for their own. Bring them Back bottler!

  5. Alan says:

    The Elite….best of the day do andy.raethe decent thing Bring Them Back!

  6. jamie says:

    Great Voice, Great Guitar, Great….Two amazing young people well done the Elite Dont give up.

  7. nikki says:

    Bring back The Amazing Elite kids. Amanda you should be so ashamed you broke their young hearts you know it and the crowd knows it.

  8. blair says:

    What a sham! Standing ovation….mon The Elite, dont let them get you down.

  9. eileen says:

    I wont be watching this fix again. Bring Them Back ELITE

  10. hannah says:

    Jenna and Jay always remember you definitely are ELITE

  11. kirsty says:

    The Elite were the Best….but the last time I’ll be going. BGT Im so sick for them kids.

  12. katie says: could you of all people break two young childrens hearts. The Elite were amazing. Bring them Back.

  13. leanne d says:

    Cruelty of the highest order to two young stars. The Elite were fab. I was in tears for them.

  14. laura says:

    Amanda should be charged with Child Cruelty when 4000 people say Yes why agree with Simon….Wimp

  15. Tam and Tricia says:

    Disgraceful…The Elite, two young kids were amazing. The Crowd loved you. BGT what a sham!

  16. Scouser says:

    Bring Back Elite…Amazing…only a voice and a guitar, but Class.

  17. lewis macfarlane says:

    am not surprised Simon did not put them in but amazed at Amanda

  18. lewis macfalane says:

    Im sorry were using someones e.mail
    Scouser and me loved The Elite

  19. jane says:

    Perfect performance by the two kids Elite I couldnt believe they never got through. Dont give up!

  20. Cosmo says:

    Dear Elite, The Queen would have loved you too

  21. charlie jackson says:

    How could anyone not like The Elite….strange how TV works, shocking

  22. evonne simmons says:

    Hope they look back at footage and give The Elite another chance. Loved those pair, perfect.

  23. lenny mcguire says:

    Elite were brilliant, time to get in judges who can see and hear. Deserve another chance.

  24. Big Baz says:

    No wonder the crowd said Bring them Back. Elite superb. Amanda you are a joke.

  25. Big Baz says:

    Heartbroken for Elite. Whats the story Amanda I thought you liked them.

  26. aberdeen ally says:

    Shame on you Amanda. Elite are Elite, standing ovation but a No. BGT going down fast.

  27. sally and stevie (Perth) says:

    Expect BGT to be about talent. That was Elite. Keep going you lovely youngsters. We so felt for yous xx

  28. diane says:

    Bet no-one in Manchester gets treated like Elite, coz theyre Scottish. Crowd is the 5th judge as David said.

  29. ian mclean says:

    Simon, Amanda never come back to Scotland. What you did to those kids Elite was a damn disgrace. Bring them back there what the crowd love. Talent.

  30. johnny says:

    Hope the two kids Elite are OK, what happened to them was a joke. Do the decent thing bring them back.

  31. frannie says:

    I was there Amanda, you 2 faced … You said you liked the Elite why then say no. Those poor kids must be heartbroken.

  32. janice burns says:

    Elite were Class. Amanda youre Trash. Bring them back.

  33. robbie and sarah says:

    Standing ovation Elite enough said. Gutted for them.

  34. kerry says:

    Elite. I wanted more. You are special.

  35. amanda says:

    I now hate my own name. Bring them back Elite.

  36. davie stevenson says:

    BGT could someone explain the rules. Thought it was for talent. Elite were best of the day, but No?

  37. bernie says:

    Hope you get yours Amanda. You know you were wrong, hope you can live with it. But can those kids Elite. May God forgive you. I can’t.

  38. kenny thomson says:

    Saturday Night and still cant get over how bad Elite were treated. Shame on BGT think again and put them through to the live shows.

  39. norma taylor says:

    What an example to set for right and wrong. Feel for those kids Elite amazing

  40. pete says:

    Do the right thing bring them back Elite but not Amanda

  41. colin campbell says:

    Hope Elite the two lovely kids are OK. If there is any justice they should be brought back. I want to see more of them.

  42. zander says:

    The Elite should have got through. Shambolic when I seen other acts who did.

  43. veronica says:

    David and Alesha should have stuck up for the two kids Elite. The Crowd adored them, they were fabulous.

  44. michelle says:

    Elite – Two good looking, talented youngsters who were treated terrible. As we all said on the day Bring them back.

  45. duggie and georgie says:

    So Talented, So Good, So Unfair. Elite were great we wanted more so did 4000 others.

  46. michael says:

    Did you not hear the crowd Simon. Bring them Back. We dont want a dancing cat we want The Elite.

  47. tam green says:

    The Elite..BRING THEM BACK or show is a joke.

  48. pamela says:

    Elite were great and lovely to watch, made me feel good. Hope they get another chance.