Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Johnson brothers Richard & Adam can’t envisage winning, but they’ll practice their winner’s faces in case! (VIDEO)

richard and adam

This morning, we met up with Britain’s Got Talent finalists Richard and Adam Johnson, who of course sailed through the semi-finals that aired last night…

And as they’re so close to potentially winning the show, I asked if they dare to let themselves think about that now, or if they can envisage what it might feel like if they do.

In unison, the lads replied, “No, no way…”

Richard added, “You can’t visualize it. To get through to this, the final stage, and to be there with the best people in the competition is going to be something on its own…”

Adam continued, “People always say to me and Richard, ‘Try and stay positive’ but when we think of the final now, we think to ourselves that there’s no way we could win.

“And we think ‘Well, it’s been a good experience, and people say we shouldn’t think like that. But we’ll do our best.”

Richard added, “That’s the thing; we always do our best. When we get to the moment we’re on stage, we always put in 110 per cent.”

richard and adam johnson bgt 2013

I then asked if, on the night of the final, they may practice their winner and – though hopefully not – loser faces.

Richard said, “Well if we don’t win, we wouldn’t need to rehearse our losers’ faces because we’d be genuinely sad, but if we win, I don’t know what we’d do.

“I struggled to stay on my feet last night, so I dread to think what I might do!”

Here’s a look at our chat with the lads…

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