Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Johnson brothers Richard & Adam want to form “supergroup” with Paul Potts, Jonathan & Charlotte and Susan Boyle!

richard and adam

Fans of Britain’s Got Talent will know that in last night’s 2013 final, classical singers Richard and Adam Johnson ended up in third place after stoically continuing to perform when a former BGT contestant ran onstage and threw eggs at the judges…

But as mentioned, in true professional style, Richard and Adam carried on, their performance seemingly unmarred by the incident, and they aren’t letting the fact that they didn’t win bother them too much either as they plan for their futures!

And today, the Daily Mirror Sunday reports that the lads have revealed they’d love to form a BGT “supergroup” comprising themselves and former finalists Paul Potts, Susan Boyle and Jonathan & Charlotte.

Richard told the paper, “We’d love to sing with Susan Boyle, Paul Potts and Jonathan and Charlotte. We have all their albums.

“We’ve loved all of them so thought it was worth us entering BGT.

“We’d love to do a BGT classical supergroup. How awesome would that be? BGT Classical, I’ll have to have a word with Simon and drop in the idea.

“We’d love to record and release an album, do a theatre tour and perform around the country or maybe an arena.”

johnson brothers richard and adam bgt 2013

However, as to the immediate future, it seems the lads might have to resort to sandwich making again for a while.

Richard confessed, “We have £30 in the bank. We know what it is like to struggle without money.

“We want to take Nan and Grandad to Australia. They have family there but haven’t been able to go for a while.

“Nan’s our inspiration so we’d treat her to a show at Sydney Opera House. We’d do whatever we could for her.”

And Adam added, “We just want to keep singing and get away from sandwiches. The ultimate would be to perform at the Albert Hall with Nan in the front row.”

Here’s a reminder of the lads’ performance last night…

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12 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Johnson brothers Richard & Adam want to form “supergroup” with Paul Potts, Jonathan & Charlotte and Susan Boyle!”

  1. Angela McEnaney says:

    I would LOVE for them to form a supergroup. I would definitely go and see them in concert, AND buy the CD. Whatever, I hope that Richard and Adam go on to make a CD and tour as they were my favourites from the beginning and think they are very talented.

  2. Tony Barden says:

    That would be nice with Paul Potts and J and C. Susan Boyle, of course, doesn’t work in the classical field, being a traditional vocalist. I believe she is releasing a blues and jazz album next.

  3. Carol Lontag says:

    I think they are talented and performing a duet here and there with other classical singers doesn’t sound as a bad idea but I found the idea of forming a “supergroup” quite pretentious, specially regarding Susan Boyle, who first, is not a classical vocalist and second, has a huge and successful international profile as a soloist. Being talented is a very good ingredient but music history has shown that it won’t secure you a successful career in showbiz. They should try to get a contract with a label first. See how it goes and then approach the agents of the singers who they would like to collaborate with in a more humble way than jumping on Cowell and bypassing the mentioned artists. Out of the three they mantioned, Potts has been dropped fron Cowell’s label and Susan Boyle has recently duet with the likes of Placido Domingo, Michael Crawford and Donny Osmond and she just finished her first movie (in teathers Dic, 2013), a fifth album (Nov, 2013) and a has soldout tour kicking of in July. She has also secured a residence in the biggest venue in Las Vegas in 2014.

    • rose watson says:

      You sound like a Susan Boyle fan and have a dislike for Paul Potts. Do you not know that Paul Potts is shortly releasing a 4th album, sang over 400 classical concerts worldwide in big venues, Susan has yet to do a full concert on her own. Also a film is being made of Paul Potts. Paul Potts is a classical artist, Susan a pop artist.

      • Carol Lontag says:

        @rose watson – Sorry I gave you the impression I’m a fan of Susan Boyle ’cause I’m not. I listened to a few songs from her and I found out that she is indeed very talented. Then, out of curiosity, I went to her official website and got the info I just posted above. You also got it wrong re Mr. Potts. I just stated a fact. He was dropped from Syco/Sony label so Simon Cowell has nothing to do with making him signing for a superband or whatever he wants. I find Mr. Potts very talented and even though it’s not my taste in music, doesn’t surprise me he is doing well. The only thing you almost got right is that Susan Boyle is more pop than Paul Potts. Though a classical singer is one who has the voice to perform without microphone and capable to sing an entire opera. I think your biggest two mistakes are to assume without information and second, being ridiculously defensive of Mr. Potts when no one is attacking him.

    • jonathan says:

      Paul Potts is indeed a classical singer,he has done full amateur operas and sang in large cathedrals unmked. Pauls material is very opera, even the crossover is made for a tenors voice not pop. You don’t read of Paul in media like Susan because he lives a sedate life, not falling out of pubs and so. Susan has made headlines for many negative reasons. Last year Paul performed full concerts not appearances in 3 different continents.

  4. jonathan says:

    Paul is still signed to Syco not Sony.

    • Carol Lontag says:

      I 100% agree with you that Paul Potts material is “very opera” and I’m sincerely glad he is doing full concerts. I can’t argue with you re Susan Boyle’s negative press since I discovered that I had a taste for her beautiful voice not too long ago so I may have missed that negative press. I was also glad reading she has scheduled several full concerts for this year. I hope she is not clubbing too much for the sake of her powerful vocals.

      Tue, 08/10/2010 – 11:17

      Paul Potts’ Career “Will Go On” without Simon Cowell

      “…it is true that Paul Potts has moved away from Simon Cowell’s record label Syco”

      • jonathan says:

        Paul is still signed to Sony, I meant to type that not Syco, Simon still has links with it.
        Susan has not as yet done full concerts that I am aware, she usually does guest appearances often with other singers. Paul has done about 450 3hour long concerts on world stage.
        I agree with you about Richard and Adam wanting to sing with Paul and Jonathan. Paul and Jonathan have outstanding classical voices, although neither Jonathan and the brothers sing opera on BGT, but they have the classical voices. Do not think the brothers will make it too big, but I hope they have a good career.

      • Kathy says:

        jonathan’s comment about her falling out of clubs was uncalled for. I’d dare him to post a link to anything that even suggests that she was falling down drunk, or even the tiniest bit tipsy.
        His intent is quite obvious.

  5. Fred Whitley says:

    These two guys are simply brilliant. I do hope they get a recording contract. I will be first in line to buy their CD!