Britain’s Got Talent 2013: La Quebrada’s Peter Waterfield was “terrified” of massive high dive!

Peter Wakefield

Fans of Britain’s Got Talent watched in awe last night as we saw La Quebrada High Diving Productions auditioning for the show…

Their routine involved the troupe diving into a pool from a horrifying height, with one of the intrepid divers even setting himself alight before his terrifying leap into the water below.

However, diver Peter Waterfield – who partnered Tom Daley to fourth place in the ten-metre board synchronised event at the London Olympics last year – has revealed that although he looked fully composed during the audition, he was in fact petrified!

Speaking to The Sun’s TV Biz, he said, “In the Olympics you’ve got the pressure of the home crowd…

“But competing in front of a home crowd at the Olympics is great.

“At Britain’s Got Talent it was freezing and I was jumping off a ladder into a pool that was only three metres deep. That was probably more scary.

“I’m comfortable up to ten metres but I’m pretty scared of heights after that.”

BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT  2013 Auditions - CardiffImage EMBARGOED UNTIL 00:01 Friday 18th January 2013

Peter – who won a silver medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens – and his daredevil partners got four yeses from the BGT judges, and are therefore through to the next round.

Peter added, “If we did win Britain’s Got Talent, I think I would be able to fit everything around the world championships.

“I don’t know if my manager would put me in the team for the next Olympics or if he would put me and Tom together but if he does I’m ready.”

Here’s a reminder of their amazing audition…

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