Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Ryan Tricks plays Russian Roulette with Alesha Dixon! (PICTURES)

Britain's Got Talent  2013 Judges

Magician Ryan Tricks certainly makes an impression with his act on Britain’s Got More Talent tomorrow night.

The contestant is very excited to meet presenter Stephen Mulhern, as he was given his magic set as a present when he was younger. However it’s actually Alesha who he ends up performing magic with when he takes to the stage.

After inviting Alesha to join him, he hands her a staple gun, and explains his act:

“Have you heard of Russian roulette? It wouldn’t be clever to use real guns so I use staple guns.”

Ryan loads one staple gun with staples. After trying to influence Alesha about which ones to pick, using his mind, Ryan gets a nervous Alesha to pull the trigger against his hand, cheek and neck.

Britain's Got Talent  2013 Judges

Tune in tomorrow night to see if she injures him!

Britain’s Got More Talent airs on Saturday 20th April on ITV2 at 8.30pm.

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