Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Simon Cowell thinks he’s found the winner could it be Scarlett’s Roses?

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Simon Cowell thinks he may have found his Britain’s Got Talent winner already according to David Walliams.

The judges – including Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden – were back in Cardiff yesterday for their second day of Welsh auditions and apparently it all went very well. They saw a load of singers, some dancers and a high dive fire act and last night Walliams revealed that Cowell was particularly impressed by one act more than all the others.

The Little Britain star tweeted:

“Simon thinks we may have found the winner of BGT 2013 in Cardiff today.”

No hints as to who it is or what they might do but we can tell you that Welsh band Scarlett’s Roses fared well when they played for the panel and the audience last night.

The group split the judges at first, but managed to make Amanda Holden change her mind and in the end won a place in the next round. Holden’s change of heart happened after she was encouraged to put the singers through by a very supportive crowd and the band tweeted their fans last night saying:

simon cowell bgt

“thank you so much glad you enjoyed it! It was all down to you guys! Woo hoo!x”

“the 5th judge is our favourite! Thank you so much :) x”

Ant and Dec were on hand for the whole day as usual, presenting the acts and whipping up the crowd and they revealed one of their highlights on Twitter last night. It seems that Simon was back with his honest comments once more and Ant tweeted:

david walliams bgt

‘My fave #BGT quote today, from Simon to a singer with a really deep voice “it sounds like what I imagine a giant would sound like singing”‘

Watch Scarlett’s Roses performing in the video and tell us do you think they’re good enough for the live shows? Leave your comments below…

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7 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Simon Cowell thinks he’s found the winner could it be Scarlett’s Roses?”

  1. Lizzie Fielding Smith says:

    A vibrant and professional performance by Scarlett’s Roses yesterday despite the judges split decision. David Walliams and Alesha Dixon LOVED them and the audience went mad – with proper techi sound and set up these guys will storm the Live Shows and get everyone on their feet.

  2. Mrs Julie Powell says:

    Scarletts Rosses were amazing at Cardiff, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon and the fantastic audience made the right decison, did you know that Scarlett and Ryan are brother and Sister ( lovely family)
    I look forward to seeing a lot more of Scarlett Rosses, they deserve to go through to the live shows.

  3. Kesha Josephs says:

    so great to see GENUINE talent… love love love Scarlett’s Roses….

  4. Laura Playfoot says:

    I’ve been following Scarlett’s Roses since NYLON, My family and Daniels know each other from way back. When I first heard the music I loved it straight away it’s fun, catchy, real and makes you smile. The singers are amazing and so energetic.

    But its the chemistry in this band that sets it above the rest, they have fun, so, so does the listener. Its real and you can tell their friends/family because it just works so well.

    I genuinely want them to succeed! I can’t wait to get the albums on iTunes… Listening via YouTube isn’t always the same :)

    Britain DOES have talent!!!!

    Good luck SR, not that you will need it! x

    Oh and please… A gig in Brighton soon!!!!

  5. Georgina Doxey says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG. Scarletts Roses have an amazing sound. Scarlett has such a special and amazingly epic voice. These guys are going to be BIG in 2013 xx so very happy that they are through. Year of the roses and the petal army is about to get bigger!! Proud to have followed them and saw them live last year xx catchy choones and amazing people xx what more could you want.

    Britain does have talent and thats Scarlett Roses xx

  6. Amie Holmes says:

    Scarlett’s Roses are fab. They so deserve to get through. :)

  7. Denis Suleyman says:

    brilliant sound refreshing and different to all th he smart music out there. This band will make it to the top no matter what happens on BGT and they already have a big fan base so of course they deserve to be there. BGT are lucky to have them on COME ON SCARLETTS ROSES!