Britain’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers: Girl Group Primrose Hill impress but Simon Cowell isn’t happy

primrose hill

The Britain’s Got Talent auditions have wrapped up in London but it seems it’s been a big few weeks for singers on the show.

We’ve already brought you news of a boyband who impressed the judges, a young Irish duo who went down a storm, a teenage girl who wowed the audience and a handsome 18 year old crooner who enjoyed a very positive response.

It seems that Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon are big fans of the singing acts, as it’s been reported that girl group Primrose Hill also attracted rave reviews from the panel when they tried out for the ITV show.

The band are made up of three stunning 16 year olds – Rhiannon, Meisha & Evangeline – who have been singing together for the last five years. The girls met whilst still at school, instantly clicked and formed a band and from the comments on Twitter, it sounds like they must have perfected their act and songs perfectly.

BGT (4)-1

They have already worked with writers and producers such as the White N3rd (Wretch 32, Loick Essien), Lucas Secon (Pussycat Dolls, The Wanted), Illionaires (fresh from providing the first single to new young rap crew The Rascals) and Will Simms (Nicki Minaj).

“The audience had only good things to say about the ladies after their performance and one tweeted:”

Another added:

“@PrimroseHillHQ Saw your audition today girls! Well done! You were amazing! Good luck for the rest of the way! :)”

britain's got talent judges

The girls seemed pretty excited themselves about how the day went and Rhiannon wrote:

“still recovering from the wonderful day we had on Sunday thanks to everyone @GotTalent #Rhiannon x”

Meisha continued:

“Thank you sooo much to everyone who came and supported us @GotTalent yesterday it meant the world to us! Xoxo”

“Also thank you to everyone who are rooting for us on twitter, wish you guys could have been there too! :* xoxo”

Cowell must have been glad to see some real talent on the stage, because it sounds like he’s had a bad week overall. He tweeted today saying that the week had seen some of the worst acts yet, writing:

“Have been filming britains got talent this week. Some great auditions. And some of the worst I have seen including a dancing raccoon.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns to our TV screens in April and acts that have shone so far this year include Bethan Horton, magician Ryan Hicks, Andrew Leigh Evans, Jack Duff and Cormac Connell and McKNasty.

Watch Primrose Hill perform and tell us if you think they’re good enough for the live shows in the comments section below.

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25 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers: Girl Group Primrose Hill impress but Simon Cowell isn’t happy”

  1. caroline josling says:

    Wow these girls are awsome what a catchy tune cant get it out of my head refreshing to see a young new girl band. They certainly lo8k the part all gorgeous girls can see them going a long way looking forward to seeing more of them you go girls xxx love the name also xxx

  2. PK12One says:

    Primrose Hill are going to blow up big time.

  3. Frances smart says:

    Excellent group primrose hill should go far well done girls

  4. barbie girl says:

    why are there so many singing acts in BGT? surely X Factor is more suited?
    I havent seen the audition so will reserve judgement, however after watching there video my thoughts are the music is great, but the girls do not look as good as they sound. I dont mean that in a catty way its just that the blonde girl looks out of place and the black girl looks to fat but the other girl looks like she belongs in a girl group she looks great and looks very professional thats just my honest verdict

  5. Paolo says:

    Little mix wannabes but without the talent no chance of winning the show

  6. dude says:

    more crap!

  7. Industry says:

    not very good – A lot more practise needed and you might just get there!

  8. Lisa says:

    Not bad look forward to hearing more

  9. janet says:

    why dress young girls like this??????? you should be ashamed BGT

  10. CB says:

    Stylings awful, and lip synch terrible whoever put this together is clueless

  11. dgb says:

    what about the young latin dancers that were first on on saturday they were fantastic despite being slated by simon cowell they opened the show amazingly bring them back

  12. Annmarie says:

    Well done girls! I happened to be at the London audition & got the chance to see you live, I think you young ladies are stars waiting for the night sky, at which point you will shine like no other!
    Good luck girls, go get em!!!

  13. Kate Miller says:

    Primrose Hill you look and sound amazing and only 15 don’t worry about jealous people keep going

  14. Tracy says:

    These shows are sell outs plastic put together crap forced upon us by ITV do we really need more bands????? It’s all a fix Syco/ITV the public are wise to your putting failed acts on TV platforms to ram shite down our throats absolutely boring!
    As for this band sorry to say but very average may be potential in a few years time if you changed one of the members that looks so out of place and people don’t jump on this post its my opinion and if you don’t like it do read x

  15. Kyra says:

    They have great potential, but I can’t put my finger on what’s missing: in their voices, in their looks or performance? There is definitely a gap, a need for 1-2 more voices. Band needs more charisma, and each girl needs their own individuality to shine while collectively performing. Seem to be trying too hard. They are so young though, I guess this will come with time and experience…

    • London Girlz says:

      I agree… The girls need another member in the band. Also, she should be pretty… There’s always one very pretty girl. That’s what get the boyz interested! Maybe a slightly older girl too, to appeal to older boyz.

  16. Lara says:

    These girls are amazing and all the people that are leaving hate comments what are you doing with your life to make it constructive who the hell are you to put other people dpwn you need to look at your selfes in the bloody mirror cause you all just key board worriers thta are probally fat slobs stitting behind a computer screen putting others down to make your selfes feel better keep going girls and don’t let anyone bring you down

    • Kate Draper says:

      Well said Lara these girls are so good for 15, they can only get better,,,, good luck Primrose Hill,

      ( its a yes from me)LOL

    • Downtown says:

      wow Lara why dont you join them lol why do the people all have to be fat slobs to have down commented on this? I am overweight and dont appreciate your comments which is in itself a form of bullying so makes you no better!!! people are entitled to there opinion and the ones that have written good things are no more right than the negative this isnt my cup of tea but wont pass judgement or maybe ill get a NAZI like you on my case :)

    • Producer says:

      Primrose Hill, for a group pitched as not being “your average X Factor wannabes”, unfortunately seem to fit that bill perfectly and the mere fact that they are in BGT completely contradicts this. Perhaps unfairly, my initial thoughts – purely aesthetically – were that they appear to be rich young girls who thought making music would be a totally rad thing to do, and who begged their parents to get them a recording gig lest they run away from home. And it might be even more harsh to suggest so (I’m reminded that they are only 15 year old girls), but I don’t think their music does much to fight this image.

      Their début single, ‘Candy Rain’ is, originally unbeknownst to me, a cover of the song by the same name released by Soul 4 Real in 1995. My confusion, however was not because I was uninformed, but because the producers thought it was a good idea to shoehorn a pretty poor, and unrelated (beyond awful candy based puns), group rap into the first 30 seconds of the song. Somebody might argue this helps to make this song their own, but they could have either made it:

      a) not godawful

      b) their own through more interesting ways, like the relatively successful changes to the beat

      There are, however, some genuinely nice elements at work here; their vocals actually seem like they’ve worked on them somewhat (though they still don’t hold a flame to the original), and the aforementioned clap-like snare on the beat works really well in making the song feel more punchy and lively than the original.

      The myriad problems outweigh the few good aspects; they manage to stick another entirely unnecessary rap segment into it, complete with poor flow and delivery and lyrics that make me quite sad to know exist; “Chocolate covered honeycomb | I’mma call you honey fo’ sho’”. The sadder part about them is they (according to their press release) were written by the team of writers on board for the production of this single. Pair in the whining, obnoxious ‘dangerous’ sounding synths (which make certain portions of the song seem too busy and overproduced), and the middle of the song is utterly butchered.

      The tragedy here is, with some work and classier production, they might have had a decent song, but ultimately the elements that comprise their music are simply lacking. I should note, I’m likely not the target audience here, as their YouTube upload of the video boasts an okay 30,000~ view count, and the overarching feedback is positive. My recommendation is; if you are a girl in the age range of 12 to 16, try this out, maybe you’ll get it. Otherwise, steer clear.

  17. musicexpert says:

    Plastic pop on a conveyor belt show what ever happened to Longevity – One word ‘sellout’

  18. MMMMM says:

    just googled them and there set to be the next Spice Girls, really??? deluded

  19. Amy says:

    guys i don’t want to get involved but you need to remember these girls are only 15 and probably reading all these comments i mean this isn’t my type of music but i’m not going to write a SA on it i mean just tell the you don’t like it and maybe give them a pointer they could improve on instead making comments like ‘more crap!’ is it really unnecessary just remember there only 15 think back to when you were 15 or if you are 15 im sure it wouldn’t make you feel good about your self to see these comments..

  20. kiki says:

    for all you people saying these girls are wannabees they have been together since the age of 10 that’s nearly 6 years and this is proof

    • Trisha says:

      and 6 years on and no record deal mmmmmm impressive proves that there wannabees really as they havent made it