Britain’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers: James More moves from Penn & Teller to Simon Cowell & David Walliams

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The Britain’s Got Talent auditions hit Birmingham this week and one of the auditionees may have looked slightly familiar to the judges.

James More tried out for David Walliams, Simon Cowell, Amand Holden and Alesha Dixon at the last day of judges’ auditions for the ITV series but it wasn’t the first time he’d attempted to win fame and fortune through a TV show.

The magician previously appeared on ITV’s ‘Fool Us’. Where he performed for Penn & Teller and Jonathan Ross on the 7th January 2011.

His website states:

“In 2012 James was signed to the Producers of the Dynamo Tv series and performed on the closing show at the World Championships of Magic. He is continuing to develop and work with a number of Tv companies in the UK.”


He may well find himself through to the live stages of BGT too and while we don’t want to give too much away in relation to what the judges said about his act, we can tell you that the audience loved it.

One tweeted James saying:

“How did u celebrate last night? U had do much presence on the stage. I just knew u were going to be good before u started.”

Another wrote:

“@JamesMore U were fantastic today. U deserve to do well. My favourite act by far!”

A third said:

“@JamesMore Smashed the Britain’s Got Talent audition today! So happy and proud, well done mate! #BGT #Jamesmore”

david simon

David greeted More to the stage saying:

“You’re going to do magic? My Simon LOVES magic!”

Cowell responded:

“I DO like magic when it’s good.”

Watch a clip of James performing and tell us if you think he’s good enough for the live shows. Leave your comments below….

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7 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers: James More moves from Penn & Teller to Simon Cowell & David Walliams”

  1. Martin says:

    James More is what the UK has been crying out for! When was the last time a talent came along who can juggle so many art forms and skills at one time. Dynamo hasn’t got anything on this guy!

    2013 is going to be a big year for this talented individual.

  2. Charlene says:

    James is an incredible talent who lives for everything magic! You haven’t seen nothing yet, he will blow you away!

  3. Rob says:

    Looking forward to seeing this on TV. I saw James performing on a cruise ship, great magician. Got to have a drink with him after, was a really nice guy

  4. Nick says:

    Looks great….It’s about time they found a good magician!!!!!

  5. David says:

    What on earth is this story? Someone auditioned for two shows? Also, are these comments his by his management!? “Dynamo hasn’t got anything on this guy” – Really!?…Really!?

    • lewis says:

      Great to see magic back and doing so well!
      …… And in reply to David’s comment…The Article clearly states that he has the same producers as Dynamo I doubt “Dynamo has nothing on this guy is from them” Probably just a friend of the guy… I suppose we’ll have to wait and see just how good James More is…but one thing’s for sure he must be brilliant to impress Simon Cowell…I don’t think that’s ever happened!!!

  6. Lee says:

    Met this guy after a show and he is extreamly focused, determined and ambitious he lives breathes and sleeps entertainment not just magic! He studied proforming arts so when you see him on stage he is a Tru performer. I enjoyed his dancing as much as the magic good luck to him… It’s refreshing to see someone who wants to create a new chapter in a entertainment that has been much the sane for years. Not to mention my wife wants me to add he is “easy on the eye” if the above isn’t enough from a professional outlook ” a male comment” the wife bless her didn’t Appreciate the Technical skill “wow he is hot, must go the the gym” – a woman’s perspective lol xxx equality my ars ;-)