Britain’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers: Simon Cowell didn’t like Melanie the dancing raccoon (VIDEO)

BGT (4)-1

Simon Cowell was left despairing after the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in London this week and he declared that he had seen some of the worst acts that have ever tried out in the history of the ITV show.

One performance he singled out was that of a ‘dancing raccoon’ and Cowell admitted that – even though he is normally a huge fan of performing animals – Melanie the raccoon was almost too much for him to bear.

After sitting through almost a week of auditions in the London Palladium, the music mogul tweeted:

“Have been filming britains got talent this week. Some great auditions. And some of the worst I have seen including a dancing raccoon.”

It seems the audience weren’t blown away by Melanie either and one tweeted:

simon cowell bgt

“I saw that raccoon mentioned in the BGT report! I think her name was Melanie…not very talented, but very cute :) x”

Melanie is owned by Kimberly Unger, who is from Delaware in America. She previously spoke to the Higbury Star newspaper about her talented pet and explained:

“I’ve taught Melanie many tricks, so far she can play the piano, ‘dunk’ the basketball, roll over, clap, high five, beg, and she has even been litter-trained!”

melanie raccoon

“People in the USA would think I was crazy owning an animal known for being a pest, but here they always want to know about her – they love her.”

Watch Melanie perform below and tell us, do you think Simon was being a little harsh? Do you think she’s good enough for the live shows? Leave your comments below…

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3 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers: Simon Cowell didn’t like Melanie the dancing raccoon (VIDEO)”

  1. Lesley Strasser says:

    If the most talented thing in Britain is a dog, there must be hope for a racoon

  2. Barbie and Irwin Unger says:

    Kim, Dad and I are extremely proud of all that you have taught Melanie. A raccoon is completely different than a dog or cat. They don’t do tricks just to please their master, they must receive a treat after each trick. You have worked so hard with Melanie, and you and she will always be “Our Stars!”

  3. Matthieus says:

    I hope Melanie, the dancing raccoon, is shown on screen when BGT airs later this year.
    I’d like to see and decide for myself. She looks really cute regardless and I think what I like most about BGT is aspects such as the animal acts that you wouldn’t really see on other shows, particularly other talent shows.