Britain’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers: Simon Cowell thinks Callum can win the series but David Walliams prefers rapper ‘Slick’

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The Britain’s Got Talent auditions hit Glasgow last night and it seems as though Simon Cowell has already found what he’s looking for.

We already revealed to you that a boyband named Little Eye were a big hit with the audience at the tryouts, but David Walliams revealed that it was a solo singer who caught the music mogul’s attention, when he took to the stage yesterday.

The Little Britain star tweeted:

“My Simon thinks we may have found the BGT 2013 winner in Glasgow.”

A fan asked him:

“Callum?? He was amazing ..””

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David replied:

“Yes though personally I loved the rapper Slick and his song about what an amazing lover he was!”

It turns out that Callum was a singer / songwriter type performer and sang a number of songs for the audience, including an Ed Sheeran number. It sounds like Si Co liked what he heard.

Slick may not have had quite as much natural talent but the crowd liked him apparently and one tweeted David this morning saying:


“Think slick from BGT tonight would fit in nicely in Little Britain. Lol”

However, while Simon may have been impressed by the talent on display in Scotland, it seems not everyone else was, as an audience member tweeted:

“So turns out Britain’s not got much talent … unless you count guy balancing stuff on chin, 77yr old tapdancer or boys dancing in heels?”

She added:

“Altho ‘Little Eye’ and some dude called Callum who sang and guitar-ed some TDCC and Ed Sheeran were pretty good #BGT #faves”

Were you at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions this year? Who stood out for you? Leave your comments below….

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3 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers: Simon Cowell thinks Callum can win the series but David Walliams prefers rapper ‘Slick’”

  1. David says:

    I thought Callum was really good and there was a young girl and young boy I think they were called delight or something they were great but were told no, when they got told no the audience were not at all happy

  2. ryan brown says:

    i was sat in the holdin room for 5 hours with callum listening to him play.
    his playing is so hypnotic to watch and to listen too, he is amazing and hope ans wish the very best for him.
    my friend that is the chin balancer was awesome but not callum awesome

  3. Ben says:

    its all about LITTLE EYE! but Callum is a worthy semi-finalist too…