Britain’s Got Talent 2013: The Johnson Brothers Richard & Adam (& their nan) achieve “The Impossible Dream”

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The Johnson Brothers made their mark on the Britain’s Got Talent judges tonight, on the second episode of the new series.

Richard and Adam followed in the footsteps of Jonathan and Charlotte, who appeared on the show last year, and wowed the judges with their classical performance, but their nan seemed more excited about their achievement than they did.

Before performing for Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams the pair told presenters:

“We have been singing really for three years around the house, as you do. Anywhere and everywhere and really we always sing for our nan. She is a our biggest fan, she always supports us and jumps up and down when we sing.”

They added:

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“We have come on BGT because we would love our dreams to come true. We’re quite excited really. Excited but nervous.”

Introducing their nan to the panel they said:

“We have brought along our number one fan.”

After the gushed for a while about Ant and Dec, the lads sang “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)” and it was a pretty impressive performance. The boys have lovely tones to their voices, which blend together very well and the audience erupted with applause as their song progressed.

Simon seemed more impressed with the standing ovation and crowd reaction, than he did with the singing but after the performance he praised the pair’s ‘genuine’ natures and the effort they put into the song. He said the brothers reminded him of last year’s ‘Olympic spirit.’

bgt judges 2012

Amanda Holden gushed about the sibling’s ‘incredible’ voices and their ‘gorgeous harmonies.’

David loved that the act was ‘wholesome’ and ‘old fashioned’ and we’d say he rightly predicted that it will be a huge hit with women of many ages.

Alesha loved the ‘power’ behind their voices.

Unsurprisingly, The Johnson Brothers got four yeses and sailed through to the next round. Their nan was in tears backstage and we have to admit, we were close too!

Did you enjoy the boys’ performance tonight? Do you think they’re good enough for the live rounds? Leave your comments below….

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24 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2013: The Johnson Brothers Richard & Adam (& their nan) achieve “The Impossible Dream””

  1. Trish Morris says:

    Outstanding performance by the Johnson Brothers. They made me cry and not many singers can do that.

    Please let this not be the last, we hear from them!!!!

  2. rose says:

    fantastic you gotta watch

  3. Amazing says:

    I’ve bet £100 these guys win the comp , well done boys you are amazing

  4. john murfin says:

    Stunning performance from two likeable young guys !!

  5. Margaret says:

    Absolutely brilliant

  6. Mandy says:

    I remember the brothers being on the news in Wales a few years ago as they were known as the panini pavarotti’s locally for singing to their customers in the cafe their family ran. Not sure what happened if memory serves correctly they were on the verge of signing with Sony at the time so guessing for whatever reason that fell through. Nice to see they’re able to have a second chance. Wonderful sounds(not that I am at all biased being from North Wales myself).

    • Mary says:

      Mandy you have the right to be biased after the lads performance they are brilliant and although I’m English I love Wales and hope they go on to win I will be 1st in line to buy their CD


  7. Danny says:

    Absolutely brilliant performance, Cowell will sign them up new El Divo

  8. Elaine says:

    I cried watching it recorded it played it back to my husband cried again phoned my mum as well!!! Loved it best audition I have ever seen.

  9. Cruiser says:

    These boys are brilliant but what’s the sandwich maker bit? We saw them singing professionally on a P&O cruise ship a few months ago. They repeatedly mentioned their Nan who apparently is their biggest fan. They also had a full diary of cruise ship work!!!!

    • Mandy says:

      I think that reference is about the fact they work/have worked in a cafe that their parents run in North Wales. Not sure about the cruise ships but it seems increasingly as if the acts that make it through are being scouted from somewhere on all of these talent shows.

  10. Carol in Spain says:

    This was a Susan Boyle moment. These lads are brilliant and I hope they go all the way. Can’t wait to hear them sing again. They made my spine tingle.

  11. Dave says:

    Oh my word …. Incredible, amazing. I have played this back and each time they sound better. I am a proud north walian living in Newcastle these lads make me feel so proud. Da Iawn.

  12. Lyn says:

    Outstanding singers. I thoroughly enjoyed their performance and they gave me goose bumps. Brilliant. I’ll buy their album when it comes out – whether they’ve been singing on a cruise ship or working in a sandwich bar; it makes no difference. They are excellent.

  13. brett says:

    simply breath taking performance… thanks lads and please never stop singing. an opera with these two in i would go and see 100% and i hate opera…ish.

  14. kym says:

    I have never, ever seen such an amazing performance on any talent show! Richard and Adam…. you are absolutely fantastic! I started crying with emotion at the start of your performance and I am embarrassed to say how many times I have replayed it and cried every time!!! My husband thinks I have lost the plot altogether! I thought last week that I had seen the winning act but I now realise that I was wrong…you truly deserve to win, I don’t care what acts follow…they won’t come anywhere near you! Can’t wait for your first album!

  15. Jericho Morton says:

    Vocal gynaecology. Half the women ovulated. You cannot ‘generate’ that harmony, it cannot be faked, breath harmony – outstanding. That sound of two brothers has been with us forever.

  16. Sally says:

    I had tears listening to these two I was blown away I cant wait for them to make a CD I will defiantly buy it well done Guys I think you will win this competition.

  17. Chris says:

    Absolutely fabulous. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Would love to see a DVD in the future be produced and I would certainly be in the front of the queue to buy it.

  18. ursula says:

    Loved the boys voices, they made me very emotional. Can’t wait to hear them sing again…

  19. Angela says:

    The boys voices are sublime . To sing this song requires a lot of vocal power , when Cervantes wrote D. Quixote de la Mancha he could never dream that some
    day 2 young brothers could reach the Impossible Dream. They really reach the sun.


  20. Colin says:

    These boys sing really great,saw them on P&O cruise last year in the Caribbean they are so natural good luck to them.

  21. Angie says:

    What a performance, absolutely fantastic. You boys are going to go along way, now we have to wait a while to hear you again and im sure the wait will be worth it. well done x

  22. wayne says:

    love them love them, dont care if they work in butty bar 24/7 or havent worked there for a year, its talent that counts and why should they be penilised because they want to follow their ‘impossible dream’ i cry each time i hear them sing beautiful voices from two beautiful lads, (i think Im now in love)